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  • One of the closest friends to Stel 'Vadam
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Ryil 'Drean was a Sangheili pilot and one of Stel 'Vadam's closest friends. Unfortantly however, he was lost during the Battle of the Hephourous Line on Doisac during the events of Halo: Vendetta. Stel feels a immense sadness for the loss of Ryil; he even dropped a tear.


Ryil participated in the Battle for Doisac. He gave air support for most of the battle. During the Battle of the Hephorous Line he destroyed a cropfield, the fire clearing a path for Stel' Vadam and Ral 'Daman. Unfortunatly when he came back for the second assault, the Jiralhanae launched Anti-Aircraft defences. Ryil tried to avoid them but was struck in the gun by the Fuel Rod. He tried to move out of the group's way but ultimatly plummeted. He managed to escape before the explosion, however as it crashed into the Unggoy, the Banshee exploded, slightly wounding Stel and Ral but killing Ryil. Ryil's death reminded Stel about his brother Rola, so Stel cried for both of the losses.

Post Death

Ryil, along with Rochelle-108 and the Daman family appear in Stel's nightmare in Halo: Desolation. Ryil is briefly mentioned during Halo: Sangheili Brothers and Halo: The Destined Ones.

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