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SOL Laser Satellite
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The SOL Laser Satellite is a UNSC Orbital Bombardment Satellite.


The SOL Laser Satellite serves the same purpose as the LUNA Laser Satellite, but it is much larger and built to take down stronger or larger targets with its HYPERION Laser. Its primary goal is to intercept aircraft or vehicles or deliver heavy damage to defenses. However, with an explosive force similar to that of a 2000 pound bomb, it also provides anti infantry effects with high heat thermal after effects, which effectively cook them alive.

The satellite uses a composite two layer hull, using a interior of microwave and radio invisible Metamaterial and a light composite layer of 'black body' thermal covering with a LIDAR and RADAR absorbent layers to render it invisible to all formats. It utilizes a near unbreakable million digit code locked one way frequency with self encrypting algorithms. Its primary sensor as a trimutive of telescoping sights, utilizing a full colour TV, thermal camera and a infrared camera and a LASER targeting system combining a LASER range finder and a LIDAR. The primary power source is a fusion core utilizing compressed and stored plasma with heavy radiation shielding to obscure it's presence. Though it can be manually refueled, it can use the on-board recharging system, that gathers naturally occurring plasma from the atmosphere and uses the deployable solar cells to charge the on-board plasma ionizer.



For those of you who aren't cool, the name 'SOL' is a reference to AKIRA, in which the US controls a orbiting satellite LASER called SOL, which is used in a attempt to stop Tetsuo, but fails miserably. Probably the build quality.

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