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SOPMOD Kit Contents

All attachments can be put on Zeus Rail equipped weapons.

Reflex Sight

Reflex Sights

Reflex sight reticles.

Attached via the top rail for better aiming.

Grenade Launcher

The G58 fast-attach grenade launcher is a roman-candle like weapon. One round contains three charges that can be set to fire simultaneously or one at a time. Each charge has an explosive power just under that of a frag grenade.

ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight)

ACOG reticle

MA7 ACOG reticle

The ES series of ACOG scopes is the first in many years to be featured for assault rifles.

2X Smart Linked Scope

Primarily for use on the MA7K, Poseidon Industries has developed a 2X smart linked scope. This is also effective on the BR60


A flash and sound suppressor have quick-attach capabilities.

Heartbeat sensor

The heartbeat sensor is a scanner that detects the electromagnetic pulse of an organic's heartbeat. There are settings on the side closest to the weapon that allow the user to zoom in and select a specific direction.


The S40 attachable shotgun is a close range weapon that is especially useful on the MA7K.

Extended Magazines

Each extended magazine increases the capacity of each MA7 and BR60 rifle by 20-30%.


The C-MAG for the MA7A contains 200 rounds.