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Biographical information

Melanie Hart

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SPARTAN Neural interface

Affiliation and military information



Chief petty officer third class


Stealth, infiltration, electronic warfare,

  • Battle of Reach

SPARTAN-II class 1


Personel file

Mental report

Melanie-038 has been reported as having one of the more odd personalities within the Spartan group. At first nothing was observed but as she gradually grew close to first her squad, then the others, it showed its self. When first unfamiliar with a person she is polite and shy, but as she gradually becomes closer and more comfortable with them, she develops a slightly abusive behavior. Though no genuine malice behind it, her fellow Spartans are often the source of her by physicaly and verbal abuse, with her regularly play fighting, calling them names or just generally swearing at them in a offensive but 'loving' manner. However, despite her apparently explosive personality, she has incredible patience, being able to stay still for hours, perhaps days on end, waiting for her chance.

Preffered Weapons

Sierra-038 prefers her weapons quiet and elegant, such as M7 SMGs with silencers, weapons with silencers availible, Sniper Rifle System 99, M99 Stanchion, knives and garrotes.


Stealth, assassination, infiltration.


A straight fight.


Melanie was apparently the second daughter of a immigraint Irish family living on Mars, seeking work in the many heavy industry companies there. Her father was somewaht abusive, which has been blamed on her attitude, having known no other. After initial induction and being paired with Gregory-097 and Leon-063 who where initially welcoming, then distanced from her by her attitude then grew clsoer when they learned to accept her. Though her histroy is checkered with fights with other spartans, many of which she remarks as 'play fights', she remained in the program because of her brilliant stealth skills, being able to win in hide and seek every time. Soon she found her and her unit deployed specifically as the Spartan Spec Ops unit, as opposed ot the others who would operate as support for soldiers when needed. Come Reach she was deployed to Beta Team where, with her team leader, Ajax-013, Greg, Leo, Zack-003, Elise-070 and Mike-028, she defended the reactors until they were destroyed. Though she survived their destruction she met her 'end' in the deep sewers of Reach, where a number of Brutes beat her within an inch of her life. She was recovered by Ajax and then left in cryo sleep to preserve her until she could get proper medical treatment. The last time Ajax saw her was when he deposited her at HGIHCOM command in Australia, before departing again.

Battlefield Record


"Oh look, its the walking accident and the dwarf!"

"If I knew I was going to have to walk this much I would of had the accident drive me."

"You're late"
"You're an idiot"