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Biographical information

Elise Mondrian

Spartan Tag




Date of birth


Date of death

2552, unconfirmed





Hair color


Eye color



SPARTAN Neural interface

Affiliation and military information



Chief petty officer second class


Heavy weapons specialist, tactics specialist

  • Battle of Hectate
  • Battle of Morigan sector
  • Battle of Reach

SPARTAN-II class 1


Personel file

Mental report

Elise has one of the more extreme personalities but not as a result of augumentation but more of her own persona. She has an extremely short and fiery temper that often explodes violently during combat, especially when using heavy weapons. It also is paticulalry relevant when talking about her short stature. She often ignores superiors commands from anything from fleet admirals to captains and other SPARTANS except for Mike and Ajax whom seem to be the only ones capable of stopping her rage. She has shown promise in remembering and executing advance field manouvres even under fire and seems to act as second in command to Ajax.

Preferred weapon

HMGs, Rocket launcher, anything large and powerful.


Use of heavy weapons, advance tactics and field manouvres


Rage, being separated from Ajax or Mike


Originally from a inner colony desert world ripe in titanium-A deposits, she grew up to be a hardy child, resulting in her recruitment into the SPARTAN-II program. There she met Ajax and seeing how sad he seemed to be she resolved to cheer him up or die trying, which mgiht just happen. She became 'big sister', being older than him but ironically, even then shorter than him. She Was with him none stop, despite the 'apparent danger' to herself from his bad luck. All the way through basic they had been together and neither of them had been harmed by the curse until the third member of their team, Joe, died during augmentation. She better than anybody understood his bad luck, having seen it many times before. She was with him all the way through their first battles against the rebels having to leave him behind after the first op went dreadfully wrong. Later they proved themselves in battle, suppressing the rebellion successfully. After the threat of the Covenant were announced and the SPARTANS where redeployed she again proved herself at the battle of Morigan, outgunning many enemy forces. However at Reach after the rough landing and having to have her arm popped back into place she fought to defend one of the fusion generators but could not hold them for long enough. With their escape blocked off, glassing imminent and with her seperated from the rest of Beta team she simple fought to the death went off. Ajax could not raise her on comms and assumed her dead, she had been killed and vapourised or he corpses taken as a trophy.


"I say we catch one and cook it!"

"Face my superior fire power!"

"Say i'm short again and i'll bite your kneecaps off then see who is short!"