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"Give me an SRS99C-S2 AMB with a 10x scope and an open field, and it'll be just like Thermoplyae. None Shall Pass."
Biographical information


Spartan Tag




Date of birth

March 17 2518

Date of death

Announced MIA in 2611





Hair color

Black, Red streaks

Eye color



Spartan Neural Interface (unnamed dumb AI)

Affiliation and military information



Chief Petty Officer, UNSC Navy




Alpha Centauri, Operation: THUNDERHEAD


Declared MIA, presumed deceased


Spartan II Second Class


Early Life

Not much is known about his early life, however he was a candidate for the SPARTAN-II program so at the age of seven he was kidnapped and enlisted. A flash clone replaced him, and soon died of pulmonary edema. Meanwhile Niji was trained in the second class of the Spartan-II program, along with 150 other children. He quickly distinguished himself as a top shooter, scoring perfectly on the marksman test. at the age of 14 he underwent the augmentation process along with his fellow teammates, surviving but requiring slightly more time to recover than most of his fellow classmates. The augmentations changed his eye color to a deep red, and turned the red dye streaks in his hair (from which he had been reprimanded) permanent. Although he had gone by the codename Flame for no particular reason out of the need for radio secrecy on training missions, these changed cemented the codename with his fellow Spartans and the trainers.

Early Military Career

Battle of Alpha Centauri

"We had trained with simulated enemies... But no amount of training can prepare someone for what actually happens in combat."


His first mission after recovery thrust Niji into the heart of combat as the humans fought for control over the Alpha centauri system. With two planets already glassed, the situation was growing desperate. NAVSPECWEP released the fresh Spartan-II's, and they proved valuable assets in space and on the ground as groups fought planetary forces and engaged in boarding actions on Covenant ships.

Niji was part of a ground offensive on Alpha Centauri III, providing sniper fire to clear out towns and farmlands.

Human-Covenant War

Flame-240 would participate in several ground battles and two space battles between 2538 and 2552.

Battle of Psi Serpentis

"Is Admiral Cole still out there? I bet he is. His luck is second only to the Master Chief (John-117) of First Platoon. I bet he just wants to be remembered as a legendary fighter, disappearing in a flash of glory."

-Flame-240, speculating on Admiral Preston Cole's status

Flame-240 was on board the frigate Excelsior, part of Cole's Battle Group India, along with Razor team. Newly fitted with MJOLNIR Mk. IV, the Spartans were assigned to help the marines repell boarders in the coming fight. During the fight, Flame and his team would distinguish themselves for defending the fire control center of the Excelsior from Covenant raiding parties while the ship itself damaged or finished off five covenant ships. Although heavily damaged, the Excelsior remained in-system until Cole's last stand, standing off long enough to record the results. It would take the Excelsior weeks to return to Reach.


"Admiral Cole has the biggest set in human history. He'd make one hell of a Spartan."

-Flame-240, commenting on Cole's actions in the battle

In a debriefing, Flame offered his speculation that Cole may have in fact escaped. His statements were largely dismissed, but Razor Team recieved awards for their actions in the battle.

Razor Team

"Where there's Smoke, Flame is nearby."

-Anonymous Spartan, commenting on Razor Team


  • Niji-240, designated marksman
  • Kaz-199, Team leader, heavy weapons
  • Sakura-264, Explosives

Personal Relationships

"Zip me up."


"Zip me up! I can't reach all the way!"

-Sakura and Niji before a mission

Razor Team has been close friends since their basic training days, separated briefly only for their AIT training, then brought back as a special weapons team. In particular Niji and Sakura seem to have a special relationship, almost romantic, although it didn't seem to develop into much due to the war and their sense of duty. However, after the war it is speculated they became a couple.



Flame's standard MJOLNIR Mk. VI was upgraded with an experimental active camouflage. The camo can only be active for a few minutes at a time, as it easily overheats, but is functionally identical to the active camo Sangheli use. His armor also houses a "dumb" AI that acts as his spotter.


SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle, main weapon, has flash and sound suppressors and is modified with a compensator to reduce kick.

BR55 Battle Rifle, backup

M6D Personal Defense Weapon System sidearm

4 each Flashbang Grenades, Smoke Grenades, M9 HE-DP Grenade


Personal Medic Kit


Psyche Eval.

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