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Paris IV

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Sept. 20 2552




7" in armor

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Petty Officer Second Class




Born in 2524, George only lived with his parents for a year. In 2525, a rogue ONI Section III officer killed his parents and stole him away, along with two others children. For six years they lived as the ONI Section III officers prisoners. He trained them in combat technique, in hopes that one day he might augment them into his personal body guards.

Finally ONI Section 0 caught whiff of them and sent in Leonid-144 to neutralize the agent and bring the three private Spartans back. The three of them were then retrained in UNSC fashions, and received MJOLNIR Mark IV armor. The three new SPARTANs served as ONI Section 0 agents for some time, before they were transferred to the front. Eventually, after dozens of campaigns, they were recalled to Reach to be issued MJOLNIR Mk. V.

The SPARTANs were in the thick of things when Reach was attacked, but managed to board the UNSC Marathon class cruiser Valley Forge and escape the battle. The Valley Forge was one of the few ships to escape the battle, and the ship, part of Taskforce Avenger, fled the battle to the Eagle Nebula, to warn Earth.

However, when they arrived, they were ambushed by two Covenant ships. The SPARTANs were eventually ordered to repel boarders, and after beating back these enemies, the SPARTANs boarded the craft and used it to survive when the Valley Forge rammed a covenant super carrier. The SPARTANs were left stranded in the nebula when the Deadalis, the only other surviving ship, fled to the Kamos system, but they were soon rescued by the UNSC Apollo and UNSC Vulcan's Hammer, two ships that had also fled Reach. The two ships proceeded to pick up the SPARTANs, and at the advice of SPARTAN-458, a prototype NOVA bomb the Apollo was carrying was placed in the dropship.

The two capital ships then travelled to the Kamos system and assisted the heavily damaged Deadalis. The SPARTANs rigged a homing beacon on the dropship to lure Covenant forces into a trap, then the SPARTANs went ground side to a UNSC testing facility on a planet in the system, where they discovered prototype Mk. VI MJOLNIR Armor. However, Covenant forces soon launched an invasion, and the SPARTANs on the ground had to assist marine forces in defending the testing facility while a battle raged in orbit. During the course of the battle, George was killed when a hog he was inside of was destroyed by a plasma grenade.