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SPARTAN-143 creation
Biographical information


Spartan Tag




Date of birth

December 5, 2520




6' 7"

Hair color


Eye color

Hazel (Blue after Augmentation)

Affiliation and military information
Thumbnail - UNSC
United Nations Space Command

Captain (Commander)


Assault and Hand to Hand Combat


First Mamore Insurrection
Battle of New Constantinople
Battle of Reach


Missing in Action as of 2552




SPARTAN-A143 or Anthony-A143, was a SPARTAN-III supersoldier who played a crucial role in several battles during the Human-Covenant War. Orphaned after losing everything after the Covenant glassed Harvest, he was among several children chosen to be drafted under the SPARTAN-III program, which he eventually emerged from as a top graduate. With highly developed intelligence and incredible combat proficiency, A143 distinguished himself on various battlefields as the leader of a specialist four man squad called Topaz Team; which possessed an extremely high mission success ratio despite facing an enemy of the Covenant's caliber. After an intense but nevertheless sterling military career, A143 fell together with Reach after a series of valiant but fruitless battles; ensuring he took down hundreds of Covenant troops before finally falling to a relentless barrage of plasma.


Early Years and Teenage Life


Several times, A143's extreme hatred towards the Covenant tended to leak through his laid back visage, especially in battle. A143 was singleminded about the Covenant, always taking as many of their lives as he could with glee, seeing that he lost his family to the Covenant's plasma weapons, witnessing the vicious glassing with his own two eyes. These childhood traumas coupled with the other genocidal atrocities the Covenant engaged in convinced the man that they were an enemy that deserved to portion of his mercy. The SPARTAN's bloodthirsty disdain towards the Covenant was a factor which drove him to extreme violence against even dangerous enemies like Elites and Brutes, but A143 was wise enough to not let his personal grudges ever get in the way of the mission, or the safety of his teammates. However when alone against waves of Covenant opposition, A143 has repeatedly allowed his bloodlust to take over, running head on into the enemy until his blue armour is stained with different shades of Covenant blood—earning him the epithet of 'Bloody Demon' among the Elites.

A143 generally came off as a calm and confident individual, expertly able to maintain his composure in both non combat, as well as intense combat conditions. This inner calm could be attributed to his analytical outlook towards life, enjoying to take in miniature details that most would overlook, or deem unimportant. As a result he was disturbingly level headed in battle, able to lead the specialized Topaz Team into high risk missions effectively, his reliable commands contributing to their overall sterling success ratio.

While he was fully capable of keeping his silence for the sake of thought or analysis, A143 was by no means a silent loner. On the very contrary, he had been noted to have been one which posed no problems expressing himself to normal civilians, marines or his fellow SPARTANs. A143 is a fearlessly vocal presence even in the presence of higher ranked officers, or equally decorated soldiers—one who will question orders if he feels that he can come up with a better alternative. A143 was one who regularly cracked deadpan, sarcastic jokes and kept the situation morbidly light with his team members, a four man team with wit that rarely fit into the violent, life or death situations Topaz found itself in.


A143 is notorious for his speed and intelligence, which make him a masterful assault specialist, and even a SPARTAN considered by many to be among the absolute best. As a SPARTAN, it was needless to state that he had been blessed with abilities granted to him by the pinnacle of human bioengineering at the time, but his ability to move at high speeds was considered to be extreme even by SPARTAN standards. A143 made full use of both reaction times and sheer explosive physical speed, tearing through waves of Covenant forces with his trademark acrobatic style of combat, earning him the nickname of 'Gymnast' among the UNSC Forces. This high speed, unpredictable form of combat combined with his almost unmatched skill with the BR55 assault rifle helped him literally spearhead Topaz Team and the UNSC into several battles against normally insurmountable odds.

While usually only relying on acrobatic manoeuvring and his assault rifle to decimate the superior Covenant forces, A143 also utilises his strength to great advantage in battle, customising a large shoulder pauldron specifically meant to barge into enemy forces with, before either emptying his ammunition into their weak spots, or snapping their necks with his bare hands. Often times, A143's stylish brand of savage combat involved him leaping into enemies with his battle rifle holstered, opting to disarm his enemies manually and use their own weapons against them.