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"There is no coincidence in this world, only inevitability"
Biographical information

Yûko Ichihara

Spartan Tag




Date of birth


Date of death

MIA 2552





Hair color


Eye color



neural implants

Affiliation and military information

UNSC, SPARTAN-II program, Grey Team


Petty Officer Second Class


Tactical Analysis, fire support, photographic memory.




Yûko-098 was a SPARTAN-II of the first class and one of the few Spartans that survived the augmentations without any adverse side effects. She was assigned to Grey Team.

Mental ReportEdit

When SPARTAN-098 was abducted and replaced with a flash clone for the SPARTAN-II Program she showed considerable photographic memory and knowledge, with her infact remembering a puzzle, using several everyday objects removed and moved on a board, from the time when she was first interviewed by Doctor Halsey to when she was abducted for the Spartan program many months later. This saw her continued placement in the project, with a near perfect memory for maps, diagrams, reports, images, weapon information and other information, replacing the fact she was physically the weakest of the SPARTANS. Her IQ was the second highest in the program, second only to SPARTAN-013. However, countering this intelligence was her aloof, almost distant at time, personality. Also, she seemed to have an odd fascination with 'destiny' and 'inevitability', believing that 'one important event can occur, with different casualties resulting in a different outcome, affecting destiny.'. Her keen tactical insight was a great lose to the SPARTAN program when she, Sirius-073 and Alfred-080 was recorded as MIA in late 2552, after Grey Team had been missing for an extended period of time.

Preferred WeaponsEdit

Being physically weaker than the others she relied on their support for CQB fighting and herself using ranged weapons. Skilled with assault rifles, L and GPMGs, sniper rifles and other weapons capable of supporting fire, she was ideally suited to providing covering fire for the other SPARTANS.


Tactical Analysis, fire support, photographic memory.


CQB combat, strength.


Yûko was kidnapped and replaced by a flash clone at the age of 6 for the SPARTAN-II project. Though physically the weakest of any of the SPARTANS she was still physically stronger than a normal human. Her main strength lay in her mind. With an IQ second only to Ajax and a photographic memory, being able to record detailed maps and important notes with a short glance, she soon found a place as their primary tactical analyser. Despite her high IQ she was often believed in some sort of ‘destiny’ that guided all of the SPARTANS. Yûko was with Grey team when they went on their last mission into parts unknown. Despite her often serious demeanour she is known for frequently letting her hair down with copious amounts of alcohol.


“No matter what happens… We won’t die. We have a task to do first.”

“Do you have a wish?”

“Pass the bottle, its time to drink!”