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Service Information

Lieutenant Commander

  • Task Force Scorpion
  • ONI Zeta-1 'LIFE GUARD'
  • Task Force Hydra
  • Noble Team
  • Task Force Hades, Medusa Team
  • Task Force Styx, Medusa Team
  • 117th Special Forces Regiment, Brimstone Squadron
Date of Enlistment

February 22nd, 2539

Geographical Information
Birth Place

Scyllion, Charybdis IX

Enlistment Location

Refugee District 13, Skopje



Vocational Code
Primay Vocational Codes

18A (Army MOS)

Secondary Vocational Codes

131X (Navy NOD)

Biographical Information
Date of Birth

January 13th, 2533



Hair Color

Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color

Light Blue


6.7 feet




Neural Implants

Combat Information
  • Human Covenant War
    • Operation: WYVREN
    • Operation: SHOCKWAVE
    • Operation: RUMBLE
    • Operation: RAVAGER
    • Operation: SYMPHONY
    • Operation: PALADIN
    • Operation: TEMPLAR
    • Operation: MONGREL
    • Fall of Reach
    • Operation: MAGNUS
  • Operation: STYX
  • Persephone Campaign
    • Operation: DANTE
    • Operation: ZOMBIE
    • Operation: SUSHI
    • Operation: JACK KNIFE
    • Operation: ALCHEMY
    • Operation: TRAIL BLAZER
    • Operation: VOODOO
    • Operation: RED AUTUMN
    • Operation: ATHENS
  • Necros War

Amelia-B312 is a SPARTAN-III Commando, having a long and varied service through various UNSC special forces groups. Her most recent assignment is Commanding Officer of Brimstone Squadron in the 117th Regiment

Personnel File


B312 is a classic anti-social loner, having learned to fight and survive by herself in Refuge District 13. Having been orphaned when Charybdis IX was glassed, she was forced to provide for herself, fighting and stealing from other refugees in order to survive. At this point, ONI recruiters prowling the encampment for potential candidates came across her trying to pick pocket them for enough money to survive the night. In the ensuing struggle Amelia managed to break one recruiter's wrist and escape, only to be tracked down later and forcibly inducted into Beta Company. Her anti-social personality made attempting to team her up extremely difficult and as a result she was taken out of normal structure after team training began and specially trained for solo operations. Her demeanour was generally prickly and quiet, with her frequently getting into fights with other trainees, who saw her as distant and elitist and with trainers, who attempted to shape her into a SPARTAN.

When she was drafted into Army Special Forces Command, she often failed to get along with the units she had been placed into and was incapable of successfully working with them. She was eventually left to her own devices, being used as a lone field agent, to great effect. Her cold and aloof nature was of no consequence to her job as a silent assassin, and she totally removed her emotions from the process of killing and serving the UNSC. However, when she was transferred into Noble Team, for the first time, she melded with the team, for the first time feeling as if she found kindred spirits to rely upon. Through out the battle of Reach, she for the first time she came close to a team.

In the post war, she commanded her own special forces team she bonded closely with them and served with them side by side. However, she was still often quiet and withdrawn. When she was transferred to the 117th Special Forces Regiment, she was still quite withdrawn, as opposed to her more boisterous opposite, Atticus. She is often cold and calculating, preferring to remove her emotions from the equation when engaging in combat operations.

Mental Report

Preferred Weapons