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"My predecessor cared little for the Gamma's. He saw them for what they were, as suicide soldiers - nothing more, nothing less. I saw them in a different light - no longer suicide troops but fully-fledged Sierra's.


Lieutenant Sarah Jackson

The Gamma Company of the SPARTAN-III Program is the third company of orphans initiated into the S-III Program. Gamma Company began training on the 2nd June 2543 with many of the orphans being taken directly from the refugee camps after three Outer Colony worlds were razed by the Covenant Empire. Training unofficially ended on 1st September 2552 after news reached Onyx that Reach had been invaded, thirteen days later the majority of Gamma Company had been ordered by Colonel James Ackerson to the Sol System where they faced the Covenant invasion of Earth. Gamma Company was assigned to assist the beleaguered UNSC forces operating in the streets of Berlin and conducting hit-and-run tactics and guerrilla warfare before joining the assault on the Ark, serving as a distraction so MCPO John-117 could slide past enemy defences.

Against overwhelming odds, Gamma Company was reduced to one hundred and thirty active members with another twenty four wounded, at the end of the Great War and later spent the majority of their operational lifetime conducting raids and invasions upon Remnant factions whilst also providing support for the new SPARTAN-IV Program. Gamma Company followed its earlier sister companies (Alpha and Beta Company's) down a similar path of death and destruction until there were only twelve Gamma S-III's left at their forced retirement in 2638.





The Gamma's were essentially treated like suicide soldiers until they came under the command of Lieutenant Sarah Jackson. The majority of their armour was second-hand or even inferior to the armour worn by the Fourth Generation:

SPI Mark II Armour

The standard Semi-Powered Infiltration suit used by the Gamma's until the mass deployment of the SPA suit.

SPA Mark III Armour

The Gamma's were some of the first to use the Semi-Powered Assault suit before its mass deployment.

MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armour Mark VI

When the Fourth Generation moved onto the Mark VII, the Gamma's were given their Mark VI's.

BROKKR Powered Assault Armour

Under LT Sarah Jackson's command the Gamma's entered a new era with the BROKKR armour. This set the Gamma's apart from their rivals the Fourth Generation.



Operational History

European Deployment

Upon graduation, the majority Gamma Company were to be transferred to Mars to join up with Colonel James Ackerson with other UNSC Army units. However, upon exiting slipspace, Colonel Ackerson had already been isolated and attacked from Covenant forces. Lord Hood, who was supposedly unknown about the SPARTAN-III Program immediately recognised the Gamma Sierras and redirected the Gamma's to Europe, where there was a lack of UNSC personnel due to the battle in Africa. Landing in the Gibraltar, the Gamma's traversed the European landscape in M12 LRV's until they reached the mega-city of Berlin which was already under attack from Covenant forces. Gamma Company rallied the faltering UNSC personnel and UEG citizens who had been hiding under the streets of Berlin and began a guerrilla campaign. Gamma Company mixed with UNSC personnel to strike at the Covenant forces using the cities extensive rainwater drain system whilst stealing huge amounts of food to feed themselves and for the starving people of Berlin.

Installation 00

After the Battle of Berlin, Gamma Company was redeployed to the UNSC Frigate Frasier which joined its sister frigate, the Forward Unto Dawn in the Battle of Installation 00. During the ground assault, the larger Sangheili forces provided the backbone whilst a small detactment of Special Operatives joined the MCPO John-117 - like a green supersoldier knife through the Jiralhanae shield. Over the Ark, the UNSC AI onboard Napoleon detected a smaller, less obvious signal from a underground complex on the 'north' side of the Ark, and requested to Captain Alice Summerfield that the forces should be dropped there after she noted that the place was meant to be hidden. And hidden meant Forerunner goodies in anyone's books.

Whilst the majority of the Loyalists ground forces concentrated on the Sangheili and the Master Chief, the Frasier managed to elude Truth's Fleet long enough to deploy Gamma Company and the 628th Marine Battalion to perform a High Orbit-Low Opening (HALO) parachute drop before being forced out by pursuing Loyalist battlecruisers. Gamma Company landed in the 'north' of the Ark, the Master Chief and the Sangheili were in the 'south-west' and 'west' of the Ark. Although first scattered throughout the night-time side of the Ark, the Gamma's and the Marine's quickly joined up fighting off Loyalists trying to force them off back and out of their general unprotected backyard. However, they managed to form up and travel en masse to the Library, the largest known Forerunner information storage ever found. Gamma Company and the 628th Marine's rushed through Loyalist territory in a Behemoth-Class Troop Transports convoy before reaching the Library.

With several Sangheili Special Operation Lances joining them via Orbital Insertion Pods and with the 628th Marines guarding the Library exterior, Gamma Company and the Sangheili moved into the interior which was populated with numerous Loyalists who had beaten them to the Library. A vicious internal battle raged as stealth teams on all three sides but portions of Gamma Company managed to infiltrate the archives and rapidly download the Ark's computer records.

Raids of Remnant Factions

Doisac War

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