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SPARTAN-II Class II Program
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The SPARTAN-II Class II Program (also called Project OLYMPIAN or Olympian Detachment) was the second generation of the highly-successful SPARTAN-II Program, designed to produce genetically and cybernetically enhanced Spartan-grade supersoldiers for the UNSC. Despite the official records that Dr. Halsey's second generation to the program was never activated, the Office of Naval Intelligence did in fact initiate the program a year after Halsey's request was denied. In 2537, 150 candidates were identified and captured by agents, then moved to the planet of , where they began training under Cassandra-075 and several other trainers.


The OLYMPIAN Detachment began in the mind of Dr. Halsey a few years after the first class entered action. Halsey's mind was always three or four steps ahead of everyone else, and this allowed her to view the battle reports and calculate the war would be more devastating than many commanders were currently suspecting. However, even after the entire project was mapped odd efficiently and presented to HIGHCOM on a silver platter, Halsey was denied on various grounds, including such things as funds and a lack of need.

Other forces were at work within ONI and the UNSC's upper levels, however: Dr. Min Tchou, an ONI spook known as Codename: SHAEDA, approached HIGHCOM six months after Halsey and stated she could manage the program for cheaper than Halsey's own estimate, and at the prompting of UNSC Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Ulysses Lee, the second generation was approved in 2535. Pulling strings and calling in favors, Rear Admiral Lee became the executive over the program and managed to gain all the necessary equipment and supervisors with the aid of Codename: DRACULA.


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