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Spartan-II Class II Program

United Nations Space Command


UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command


Special Operations


56 before augmentation; 28 after augmentation


MJOLNIR Mark IV/V/VI, virtually all UNSC weapons, most UNSC vehicles; appropriated Covenant technology

"It's only now, after the final augmentation procedures, that I can give a brief summation of this second generation of S-IIs. In a word? Flawed. It seems, in our inability to co-ordinate, Emily and I may have driven the candidates too hard, for too long. Already their eyes look without direction. Already they speak with no colour in their voices. There is no camaraderie outside of the small fireteams. I feel these may just be Spartans in name only."
Musa-096 delivering an update on the Class II programme to the UNSC Security Council.

The SPARTAN-II Class II was part of the SPARTAN-II Program, an effort to produce elite soldiers through mechanical and biological augmentation to fight for the survival of humanity and the UNSC colonies. Originally designed to follow the same methods used by the SPARTAN-II class, with Catherine Halsey taking the reigns again. However, due to the enormous costs of maintaining the MJOLNIR Armor, the supposed inferiority of the candidates and the difficulty finding suitable replacements in lieu of Halsey's tight restrictions on candidates forced the program to be shut down in 2531. However, by 2534, it had been resurrected by Dr. Emily Ford, a former protégé of Halsey's, and began using many of the same screening techniques previously used, with slightly looser restrictions on age. Candidates now ranged from four to eight, as opposed to age six being the oldest allowed previously. Nolan Byrne, was selected to train the trainees due to the unavailability of Mendez. In 2545, the surviving candidates graduated.



Unlike the Class Is, the biological and physical restrictions had been opened slightly where candidates for the program would only be selected if deemed to possess superior physical, biological and mental attributes. By mid-2537, over 300 candidates were identified. However, there was only funding for roughly a quarter of that number, and so the Spartan candidates were further scrutinized, producing fifty-six "potential SPARTANs". Due to the budget limit, only a small fraction of the candidate pool would be selected after intensive researches and experimentation.

Similar to the Class Is, to preserve the program's secrecy, the children were replaced by flash clones which would die soon thereafter due to numerous medical complications associated with flash-cloning an entire human being.

Training and Augmentation

"I don't know what the fuck you pair did to them, but they won't concentrate on what I say. They don't work together. They're openly hostile to fire teams that aren't theirs. I don't know what kind of Spartans you wanted, because these kids won't be them."
―Nolan Byrne to the project leaders on the day of the augmentations.

Byrne trained the Class II until 2545 when at the age of fourteen, the candidates would go through the augmentation procedure where only twenty-four, survived the procedures and moved, the other thirty-two were either too crippled to continue or perished.



Specialized Neural Interface

Spartan Augmentation Procedures

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One of the essential and most dangerous aspects of the SPARTAN-II Class II Program is the augmentation procedure that a Spartan must endure. The process consists of many injections and surgeries. Only a small percentage of subjects survive the process and fully recover.

Operational History

Battle of Reach

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Battle of Earth

Known SPARTAN-II Class IIs

"We failed them. Completely. Musa and I did not do enough to ensure they were ready and capable. Every time I look over this roster of illegitimate Spartans I feel nothing but regret."
Emily Ford writing in her diary.