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"They were ready to lay down their lives at a moments notice for the survival of the human race; they ennobled all of us, and they must never be forgotten."

-The engraving on the statue.

SPARTAN-II Memorial of 2852

Africa, Earth






The Commemoration of the SPARTAN-IIs.

Facility Information

A single company of marines to prevent vandalism


Has a supposed "error"; 34 shown active spartans, 29 shown spartans as children, 12 mangled Spartans




The Statue

The SPARTAN-II Memorial of 2852 was a large statue built in 2852 to commemmorate the sacrifices of the SPARTAN-II supersoldiers in the Great War. The statue was hand built by skilled workers, and was crafted out a marble. It stood twenty meters tall, and had then entire story of the SPARTANs, save thier origins, printed on it. It consisted of a marble pedestal with 75 figures stading on it; 34 in MJOLNIR armor, 29 standing in front of the giants, plainly identifiable as children, and 12 behind the other figures, either in wheel chairs, gel tanks, or on hospital beds. Each figure had a small marble base at their feat, into which their name was carved. It was a sight a great adoration from hundreds of people, and on August 20th, the anniversary of the battle of Reach, were the majority of the SPARTAN-IIs lost their lives, thousands of people flock to it each year to pay their respect to the soldiers who fought so hard for the survival of humanity.


However, the statue is not completely perfect; or so it leads to believe. It portrays 34 SPARTAN-IIs in MJLONIR armor, and only 29 as children. According to official documentation, only 33 SPARTANs survived augmentation to continue active duty, and 30 were killed in augmentation. This error was compounded by the fact that the 34th SPARTAN was entitled "Egor". According to official records, no SPARTAN-II consrcipted into the program bore the name of Egor. Some people point to conspiracy theories, pointing out that the name Egor is of russian descent, and only one SPARTAN-II in the program, Leonid-144, was of Russian descent. Many people point to the fact that Leonid-144 died in augmentation, and there was only 29 total dead SPARTANs in the picture. These theories are odly correct.