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Special Warfare Group SPARTAN-IV



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UNSC Special Warfare


Super soldier program

  • Clandestine infiltration
  • Unconventional infantry
  • Heavy assault/support
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"Sic itur ad astra."
―Official motto; Latin for such is the path to the stars.

The Special Warfare Group SPARTAN, Fourth Generation (S-IV), colloquially known as the SPARTAN-IV Program, was yet another attempt by the United Nations Space Command to field a small army of biologically augmented super soldiers.


Despite the ending of the Human-Covenant War, the remnants of the Human sphere, which at the time possessed more than three hundred functioning colonies, was very much in danger. The Covenant Empire, while dazed and battered, was still waging war against a divided Sangheili race, with neither side capable of or willing to attempt a rapid victory.

In addition to this external threat, hostilities continued among the Human species in the form of the Civil War of 2553. Blindly charging insurgents brashly irritated the UNSC Defense Force. In the waning days of the year, it was decided that another series of Spartans needed to be trained to supplement the dozens of SPARTAN-IIs and IIIs that remained. Accordingly, the SPARTAN-IV project was birthed.

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Behind the Scenes

  • The SPARTAN-IV Program was intended to be one of the Infinityverse's initial assets, though it was indefinitely postponed (until now).

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