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James Henry
Biographical information

Rebel Asteroid Base Freedom

Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description

Petty Officer Third CLass




7 feet in armor


MA5A Assault Rifle, MA5K "Battle Rifle"

Chronological and political information



Born on the rebel asteroid base freedom, James Henry grew up hating the UNSC. When he was ten, his parents died in an attack on a UNSC fissile materials munitions factory, and he was kidnapped by ONI and conscripted into the SPARTAN-X Program. He trained for ten years, and gained a minor command. He was in charge of Firteam Charlie. Ten years into training he was augumented, and he, like all the other 950 spartans, survivied the process. After training for another five years, he took part in a raid on his former home, and was part of a group that was to destroy rebel hangars. He succeeded in this objective. He then went on to take part of Operation Anvil and the counterinvasion of New Paris. He actually survived and made it to the city, taking no casualties to his squad. He aided Jake Hammer in investigating an unknown mineshaft that was seperate from the main one that was the objective. However, he was killed in an ambush by covenant forces.

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