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The SPARTAN-IV Program was began in 2560, focusing on the perfect soldier: physically, mentally, and financially.


In 2552, ONI first considered a SPARTAN IV Program be started due to the success of the SPARTAN-II Program. They were aware that both the SPARTAN-II and the SPARTAN-III Programs were very costly, so planning for an additional project begin in 2558, as the UNSC thought it would be needed if retaking any colonies would require force. By the time the project started in 2560, ONI knew recovery would be peaceful for the most part, but still went on with it, just in case they are needed for other reasons.


It was decided that 300 people would be taken every 2 years, and they would be replaced with a flash clone. All applicants were chosen between the ages of 12 and 14. Each trainee underwent five years of physical and mental training, then they would undergo a light augmentation surgery-- this surgery did not involve as much alteration as previous SPARTAN Programs. Then, they would another two years of basic military training would be , then three years of advanced military training. After that, the Spartans would be ready for deployment.

Training Style

ONI took a new view on battle tactics for the SPARTAN IV Program. The SPARTAN II Program focused on advanced technology, whereas the SPARTAN III Program focused on stealth, tactics, and teamwork. The SPARTAN IV Program uses a mix, using moderately advanced technology, but at the same time, putting emphasis on advanced stealth tactics. Also, the Program heavily emphasized speed-- trainers use the term, "Take out the enemy before they have enough time to realize you're there."


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