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UNSC Spartan Emblem

The SPARTAN Program was a series of black projects designed to create physically, biologically, technologically, and mentally superior "supersoldiers" as a special fighting force within the UNSC Military. The SPARTANs were created to serve in the United Nations Space Command during the Insurrection, and throughout the course of the Human-Covenant War. The second and third generations SPARTANs were trained and drilled since chidlhood, and came to be regarded as one of the most successful military forces ever to have existed in human history.


The basic concepts for the SPARTAN Program have been around since the late 22nd century when the first bioengineering protocols were developed for the Inner Colony Wars. Since the establishment of these protocols, humans have been using performance-enhancing equipment and augmentations to make them stronger and faster than previously thought. Initially, the SPARTAN Program arose as a brilliant plan to enhance normal human soldiers into powerfully augmented special operations commandos, code-named ORION. The program then shifted its attention to child candidates, an attempt to mass-produce and make them available to the UNSC as quickly as possible. These supersoldiers have been deployed numerous times throughout human conflict, leading up to and during the Human-Covenant War.

Development history

The ORION program was created to test genetic enhancements on volunteers from the armed forces. The SPARTAN-II program would be the first in the series to meld advanced mechanical technology with the troopers' superior physiques. The SPARTAN-III program would be an effort to mass produce supersoldiers.



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