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SRS99C-S2 AMR Sniper Rifle
Production information

Misriah Armory


Sniper Rifle System 99C-S2 Anti-Matériel (R variant)




cR 3,431

Technical specifications
(o/a): 905mm (35.6 in)
(barrel): 650mm (25.6 in)
(Empty): 5.95 Kg
Magazine Size

Six-round detachable box magazine

Ammunition Type

14.5x114mm APFSDS (Armor-piercing, fin-stabilized, discarding sabot)


Recoil-operated, rotating bolt


(Effective range): appox. 2,400 metres


The Insurrection, Human-Covenant War (Halo: Side Factions)




The SRS99C-S2 AMR Sniper Rifle, abbreviated as the SRS99C AMR or simply the AMR, is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-matériel/personnel rifle designed in 2402 by the UNSC Test and Evaluation Corps, with Misriah's SRS99-C as a base model, for the United Nations Space Command.

Design details

The SRS99C-S2 AMR Sniper Rifle is a semi-automatic, recoil-operated, magazine-fed, long-ranged weapon. The AMR rifle has an accurate range of up to 2,400 metres, and bullet-travel of up to 6,800 metres. Changes made to the AMR from its base model focused on the firing operations, body and storage.


The AMR body is made from sheet steel, with chamber machined and chromed for maximum reliability and accuracy. The barrel detaches from the main body for transport and the folding bi-pod legs allow excellent stability while aiming. Weighing 5.95 kilograms, the AMR is 905 millimetres long when assembled. The barrel of the AMR comprises 650 millimetres of steel, externally fluted to assist in heat dissipation and for rigidity internal rifling of one twist in 380 millimetres.

Firing operation

The AMR features a recoil-operated, rotating bolt mechanism which provides reliable and rugged operation in harsh environments. The six-round detachable box magazine allows rapid reloading for repeat-shot sniping. Exit velocity of the 14.5x114 reaches up to 853 metres per second, capable of penetrating sheet steel, concrete walls, light-armoured vehicles and aircrafts and other fixed installations.

System modifications

The AMR comes as standard with iron (non-optical) sights, but has a rail mounting advanced glass optics such as the Oracle N-variant telescopic sights with real-time display and night vision display.

An inertial recoil dampener, built into the action below the barrel, decreases felt recoil and provides enhanced accuracy. Built-in muzzle brake to dissipate explosive gases for repeat-shot accuracy, with dual-barrel springs to assist cartridge reload and reduce recoil.

Development history

The AMR is the official UNSC-made variant of the SRS99C in the 2400s as an ultimate reconnaissance and counter-terror weapon. Specifically engineered to hit equipment, installations, and vehicles, the rifle is described as a Special Applications Scoped Rifle. Used primarily by the special forces division of the UNSC Marines and reconnaissance division of the UNSC Army, the AMR rifle can also be used to take out explosive devices from a safe distance with incendiary rounds.