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The Sangheili Armed Forces, also shortened to S.A.F, is the Military of the Sangheili Confederacy.

Sangheili Armed Forces (S.A.F)
Political information

Supreme Councilor/Commander-General Stel 'Vadam

Societal information
Official language

Sangheili Language

Historical information
Formed from

Sangheili Confederacy

Date of establishment

October 27th, 2553


Rank Structure

The Sangheili Armed Forces also has its own rank structure, usaully indicated by colour.

Commander-General: White and Red

Guardsman: Grey and Orange

Shock Specialist: Lush Green

Stealth: Brown

Special Ops: Jet Black

Ultra: Cyan

Major: Gold and BLue

Minor: Red


The Sangheili Armed Forces has enlisted over 1,000,000 troops, , and are lead by Supreme Councilor (although he is a Commander-General on the field) Stel 'Vadam.

The S.A.F also has a considerable amount of Covenant equipment stolen after the Sangheili disbanded from the Covenant.


The Sangheili Armed Forces also have alliances with several other factions, most notably the Kig-Yar Military and the USNC.