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The USR is ruled over by a High Council (in opposition to the Council, which are the regional governors), who represent each Sangheili world. They are promoted to this position by a hybrid of meritocratic and democratic elections. Only Sangheili who have served the state for a minimum of fifteen years may be nominal for election to the post of councilor, and from that point, those councillors who have served for five years as a councilor are eligible for election to high councilor, representing their colony. Although one can serve that state through armed forces, which is the most popular route but civil servants, scientists merchants and others who have been in service with the state are eligible. From this point, a high councilor with 5 years of high council experience is elligable for the promotion to Supreme Councillor. The Supreme Councilor has the last say in decisions made by the council. He is also, effectively the commander of all Sangheili forces, though this is often passed to the Imperator, the supreme commander of the Army, Navy and Air Forces.
Within the High Council there is the Advisory Council, which consists of the Imperator, along with the Grand Admiral, Grand Marshall, Grand Commander and Special Operations Commander of the Sangheili, each the leaders of their respective forces, as well as the Grand Oracle Master, the Grand Servant - the representative of the public - and the Grand Merchant - the representative of the traders and business Sangheili. The first four members of the advisory council achieve their ranks through merit in the armed forces while the later are elected in by the people within their domains. Reelections are held every two and a half years, though it is often for a councilor to hold their post until death or promotion.