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"These Sangheili are cowards, betrayers who would see the tratorious San'Shyuum rise back to power - the same San'Shyuum who presided over the attempt genocide of our allied humans and our own blood and kin. As of this morning, a noble legion from the humans have joined with our elite brothers and have already struck thirty three rebel bases hidden amongst our territory. With each passing hour, five more bases are found and destroyed with all rebellious Sangheili inside wiped from existance. I urge all innocents not to give refuge or aid to this uprising or they too will be in the line of fire of the entire Sangheili military might!"
―Arbiter Thel 'Vadum addressing the Sangheili nation.

The Sangheili Uprising, also known as 'Wattinr's Rebellion, was an large rebellion instigated by Isna 'Wattinr against the current Sangheili government under the delusion that a corrupted Arbiter Thel 'Vadum had started the Great Schism while under the influence of the humans, leaving the San'Shyuum to be defended be the inferior but loyal Jiralhanae. Isna Wattinr managed to gather ninty five thousand Sangheili warriors under his command and established several bases across Sangheili controlled space and conducted hit-and-run attacks against Sangheili freighters that were heading towards the Sol System as per the Spring Directive.



Isna 'Wattinr was the brother of the late Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinr, who was killed by the human-made NOVA nuclear warhead above Joyous Exultation (the first and last time a human weapon of such destructive magnitude would be used against the Sangheili). Isna was unlike his brother, working as a Major in the Covenant Empire (due to poor combat skills), for most of his life Isna was assigned to guard an tungsten ore; Tungsten was widely used in Jiralhanae weaponry and muntions.

Control of the ore came into contest during the Covenant Civil War with Chieftain Kulius leading an assualt against the small detachment of Sangheili guards; this attack would be the first time Isna ever saw combat and recieved a head wound by a projectile during a firefight. He was rescued by a loyal pair of Unggoy who safely dragged him back behind Sangheili lines where he was given the minimum medical treatment. The infirmary was later raided by Jiralhanae Warpacks, who overran the Sangheili defenders and began beating the patients to death (Jiralhanae were known to mistreat even their own wounded comrades), Isna included.

However, with the timely arrival of Sangheili reinforcements, Isna was able to survive and was evacuated along with any surviving Sangheili in the Sangheili retreat back behind the Ra'am Line. It was believed by Sangheili medics aboard the evacuation shuttle that the beating Isna recieved at the hands of the Jiralhanae had caused permanent mental damage such as delusions of grandeur and an bipolar disorder.

Conspiracy Theorists

Unable to remain in the Sangheili military, Isna was offically discharged as an 'Retired Warrior' and, despite protests, was returned to civilian life. His protests were noticed, however, by a small sect of Sangheili conspiracists, the Truth Believers, who still believed in the Prophet's religion and that the Arbiter had misled their entire race into attacking the Prophets and the Jiralhanae in revenge for his branding with the Mark of Shame. Isna's deluded mind quickly accepted the conspiracy as truth and because of his position as brother of the late Imperial Admiral, he became the poster soldier for the believers of the conspiracy and recieved great media attention across the Sangheili nation although they were lauded as mad.

However, these views were accepted by the fanatically religious and Isna managed to raise a huge powerbase of supporters. Protests and rallies occured nearly every month until another sect developed: the Wounded Warriors, another right-wing organisation that formed against the Truth Believers. Violent clashes occured rapidly in magnitude.

However, the Wounded Warriors were small time compared to the next step of the Believers. Instead of small rallies and protest marches, the Believers took to the Sangheili War Navy and took command of a fleet and their supporters to secret bases along the route the Sangheili merchants took to the human sphere and began raiding convoys.

Open War

Human Involvement

End Stages

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