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Gamma-136: “What’s this?”

CANDLEMAKER: “It’s called MJOLNIR-V, specifically a version made for security forces.”

Gamma-090: “Is it anything like SPI-III?”


Beta-333: “Not exactly the prettiest piece of tech, any room for customization?”

CANDLEMAKER: “Helmets and a few attachments. Other than that there’s not going to be any modifications made to your suit, so no pretty pictures like A239.”

[Alpha-238 chuckles]

Alpha-238: “Emile always had an artistic side to him.”

Beta-333: “Who’s the target?”


Beta-333: “right, right, VIP. Who is he?”

CANDLEMAKER: “You’re going to be in charge of protecting Doctor Wilhelm Zimmer. He’s the project lead for MAGUS, and is hated by quite a few people. Unlike your brothers and sisters, you’re going to be in the public eye. No unnecessary brutality. You will have to be human if you can handle it, be polite but not too polite. You belong to Beta-5 now.”