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Terminal This article, Seminole-class Carrier, was written by Rozh. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Seminole-class Carrier
Production information

Carrier (CVA)

  • Heavy fleet support
  • Command ship
  • Orbital support
Technical specifications

Deuterium fusion drive

  • Primary thrusters (2)
  • Maneuvering/reserve thrusters (12)
Slipspace drive

M68 translight engine

Chronological and affiliation
First use



CSCflag Colonial Security Command
UNSCflag United Nations Space Command

"Don't even try to rock this boat 'cause it ain't gonna happen."
―Anonymous UNSC Marine

The Seminole class carrier was a class of prominent capital-grade command carriers employed extensively by various formations of the United Nations Space Command Navy and to a minimal extent by the United Nations Colonial Security Command.

Considered by many to be a favorable upgrade to the Tippecanoe class carrier seen commonly during the Human-Covenant War, the Seminole-class featured a much smaller profile as its length is only around 1,700 meters, an asset that grants the class much greater maneuverability than its 3,000 meter predecessor.

Behind the Scenes

  • This class was previously known as the Voi class, so if you happen to come across an article mentioning the Voi-class Carrier, remember that it is actually referring to the Seminole.

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