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Seth Andor
Biographical Information

December 27th, 2522

Physical Description






Chronological and Political Information

Human-Covenant War

  • United Nations Space Command
  • Office of Naval Intelligence

(Lieutenant) Seth Andor (born December 27th, 2522), was an operative of the Office of Naval Intelligence, Section I, and a member of the United Nations Space Command Navy.


Early Life

"Paint is my life. It's funny how such simple colors make art."
―Andor, age 12.

Born in the small suburb of New Alexandria, Eposz, Reach, a mainly-Canadian occupied area, and one of the largest cities on Reach, Andor was born on December 27th, 2522, and raised in the suburb known as The Hills, it's namesake given for having rolling hills and a scenic view of the New Alexandria. It was also one of the nicest areas in Eposz, due to the view, terrain, and overall good-quality neighborhoods.

Andor was born to Elizabeth and Zach Andor, a Hungarian\Canadian family, Andor grew up in The Hills, his father the owner of a law firm, his mother a veterinarian. For the first six years of his life, Seth was known for having an artistic persona. He didn't enjoy playing in the outdoors with other children, but he enjoyed staying inside with watercolors and painting. From the age of four on, he painted every week, and though he was not even enrolled in school yet, he painted better than many twelve year olds, even, and enjoyed reading chapter books at night.


A Scene Long Forgotten.

Seth enrolled in the Eastern New Alexandria Private School, which he attended for seven years of his life, becoming a straight-A student, though not well liked by his classmates. He was called a bit of a recluse, often only getting along with his teachers. Though Seth enjoyed painting and reading, it was discovered that he was very athletic. His favorite sport was track and field, and he excelled in the high jump and 400 m. race.

Seth kept his good grades throughout the rest of his early years, and at around the age of 14 became interested in ships. He started creating painting models of UNSC naval ships, along with civilian ones, though continued painting his normal works, one of them, called A Scene Long Forgotten, ending up in the New Alexandria Art Museum.