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Shatter Class Super Carrier
Production information



Super Carrier


"Shatter Class"

Technical specifications






Maximum speed (Space)

9.5 light years/day

Maximum speed (atmosphere)


Engine unit(s)

ALEPHONE Hyper Thrust engine

Slipspace Drive

Shaw Fujikawa Translight engine

Slipspace velocity

9.5 light years/day

Power output

Secure Super Fusion Reactor (Mk.092) (1,234,264,021SW Per Second)


UNSCDF prototype super


Prototype Metal and Titanium A battle plate

Sensor systems

1000km Radius

Navigation system

Smart AI


3 Marathon Class MACs and 770 Oversized Super Archer Missiles


347 (approx.)

Minimum crew

Cubic Zirconia Laced


2400 (Max)

Cargo capacity



7 months worth of food and water (each for 2747 passengers)

Year introduced



Anti-Covenant Unit


Human-Covenant War




Construction and Combat Capabilities

In the orbit of the hidden colony "Oren" part of the UNSC's plan "Just in case" (PROJECT: SAFEHOUSE) the Covenant overrun earth, the UNSC was slowly amassing a fleet of Shatter-Class Super Carriers, armed with technology originally created for the Pillar of Autumn, .And with the capabilities of a Carrier, it is able to repair other UNSC ships while in battle, even though it strains the energy supply and output heavilly. When engaged in combat, if the crew chooses to repair another ship inside the carrier, the combat capabilities of the carrier were considerably weakened, as rapid repairs required alot of energy, meaning that the reactors could not sustain themselves, and the Carrier's computer systems automatically diverted energy from the MAC cannons, Engines and even lights became dimmer. The Carrier was also armed with many archer missile pods, refurbished deck guns, and even a directed EMP. All in all, the Carrier was fast, deadly, and heavilly armored.

ONI Upgrade

With ONI realizing the importance of Oren, the SAFEHOUSE PROJECT and Project: SHATTER, funding for the ships increased as the covenant swarmed closer and closer to Earth. Orens best defenses, the Shatter-Class Super carriers were upgraded hastilly with Forerunner technology found from a top secret mission on ONYX. Though the exact procedure of the upgrade were classified, the reactors of the existing ships were now capable of more than double the energy output, an upgrade that was essential to an even more important upgrade, an energy shield. Unlike energy shielding found on covenant vessel ,MJOLNIR Powered Armor Systems, or even the Forerunner shielding systems. The energy shield was incredibly powerful, and practically unbreakable, but, it had multiple flaws, - It could not be active for more than 5.2 seconds at a time - meaning the ships crew could only activate it when they knew their ship was about to be hit, and the second, flaw - The energy shield only surrounded the superstructure, the Bridge, and certain parts of the ships armor that surrounded EXTREMELY vital systems, like the reactor, engines, and a section of the MAC system, and nowhere else - this is currently thought as the main reason that the shield was so strong. But, the most cumbersome flaw of all - it requried 1.62s for the energy shield to come online, - the only solution found by ONI to prevent the shields from causing a overload in the reactors. A solution only found after an entire ship's crew died in a sea of radiation and heat caused by a problem in the ships reactor only days after the energy shields were installed.

The final upgrade was not a combat upgrade to the ship itself, but an upgrade to the Carriers' slipspace drive, incorporating Forerunner technology into the ship's SHAW-FUJIKAWA slipspace drive, increasing its speed, manuverability in slipspace, and decreasing charge time. But this upgrade required MASSIVE ammounts of energy from the ship, and the most common solution was for nearly all systems to go dark for 5 seconds before the ship was able to jump into slipspace.

After all the Carriers were upgraded they were renamed "Reaper Class Experimental Battleship"


All but 7 of the 43 Ships finished construction or under construction were assigned to DEFENSE GROUP ECHO, that was assigned to the task of defending and patrolling the Garden, Garuda, Reborn, and Last Stand systems, which all housed at least one planet part of the SAFEHOUSE project. The 36 in DF-E routinely patroled the systems they were assigned to, which were extremely far from earth, and from each other, - meaning that an average UNSC ship would take 2 years or more to arrive at a SAFEHOUSE colony (If Earth serves as a starting point) and it would take 1 ship 6 months to arrive from the Garden system to the Reborn system without the ONI Upgrades applied to the Shatter class ships.


The original vision of the Safehouse project was to have around 500 ships (Including scout and modified longswords) patrolling the Safehouse systems, meaning there would be at least one ship in radio distance with each planet at a time, but this changed when Project: SHATTER was upgraded to REAPER, the ships already constructed in Project: SAFEHOUSE were diverted to Earth, and because of the lack of upgraded slipspace drives, they arrived months after the Second Battle of Earth.

Sister Projects

Project: REAPER/SHATTER was only one of many projects that used repurposed technology to construct new ships and implementing technology into existing ships for SAFEHOUSE, but REAPER was by far, the most successful.

List of Projects collaborating with SAFEHOUSE


Battle of the REBORN System

When it was discovered that the Covenant had somehow reached the Reborn system 36 ships from project REAPER and SORROW slipped in system, and in formation, heading toward the main Jewel of the Reborn system - New world, a planet rich with life, water, food for sustaining human life. But, the planet had something that wasn't made by nature: Gigantic Military fortifications and Atmospherical defenses, like SUPERMAC stations, but with multiple prototype systems made to defend the station against boarding craft.

The Plan

The 36 ships included 6 Reaper Class battleships, which were leading the formation, which was renamed Battle Group S. The plan was to form a defensive line around the in many kilometers from New world, and new world forces would launch automated evacuation ships, hoping that the covenant would follow - they would pass right by BG-S as they would use Directed EMPs and SHIVA Warheads to distort the covenant ships' shields, and would be followed by a hail of Simultanious MAC fire, followed closely by salvos of Archer Missiles. But if the Covenant did not follow the evac ships, all 36 UNSC-SF (Special Forces) ships would jump to New world and use the Directed EMPs there. And, if the most likely outcome happened - A few Covenant ships would follow the Evacuation ships, 12 Project: SORROW ships, and 3 REAPER ships would jump toward New World to assist the Home Fleet (Which was mostly comprised of Normal UNSC ships) and the remaining BG-S ships would engage the Covenant ships that followed the EVAC crafts. If the Ships engaging the Covenant ships that followed the EVAC crafts were forced to fall back, they would leave a singly NOVA bomb, and the Evac Craft's suprise - multiple SHIVA warheads would explode simultaniously, effectively destroying the Covenant Ships there.

The Battle for New World

The mistakes from previous battles would not be repeated at Safehouse controlled planets, all information about other colonies on the network was deleted and replaced with co-ordinates that lead straight into stars, inside un-inhabited planets, traps and so on. The evac craft were launched, but no covenant followed, simultaniously all UNSC and Private Military forces were armed and readied for the defence, UNSC and other military ships were not ready to attack, holding their ground on Orbit. S-MAC platforms were now aiming at the approaching Covenant vessels, Many preparing syncronized hits. And civilians, non-combat personnel, tacticians, high brass, and all those who were already there hid in Fortified Underground positions, which soon became the new CENTCOM for new world, with all Military personnel co-ordinating the defense. Almost all the Military personnel, UNSC or otherwise in the bunker, were all talented tacticians, and when the perfect chance came, BG-S jumped as close as possible to New world as possible and engaged at the same time as all other UNSC forces attacked.

After observing the covenant for a few minutes, CENTCOM confirmed that there were 2 hostile Covenant Assault Carriers 4 Cruisers and 4 frigates, and ordered the Secrecy Project to be deployed, A UNSC and Private Military J.S.F hellbent on making damn well sure that the Covenant would not communicate with their High Command, armed to the teeth with hacking software, electronic warfare equipment, CR77A-ZGs and boarding craft. All covenant vessels with their shields either distorted or downed were marked red by CENTCOM, and purple for ships to be boarded, basically painting a bullseye for SECRECY. With 4/5ths of all Human Military forces already engaged, The boarding craft of Project Secrecy bombarded the designated covenant ships like it was a meteor storm, with extreme agility and good precision, the SECRECY soldiers tore through Covenant intel, and uncovered a very important secret: New World's discovery was purely of coincidence, leaving the Covenant Battlenet in chaos as Human forces bombarded and destroyed their ships. Chaos, that was caused by the fact that the Human forces reacted so quickly - only less than ten minutes have passed since New World's discovery.

With the UNSC ready to use this to their advantage, Reaper Battleships were ordered to repeatedly strike the every vessel they could with their MACs until there was a hole just big enough for a missile to fit through because of the Covenant's current discoordination, they would react slowly enough for at least 2 MAC strikes to hit the target they chose to engage. With Secrecy forces already having a foothold in some covenant vessels, CENTCOM ordered the jamming of all covenant communication arrays, a very difficult task, nonetheless - after losing over half of their forces, some secrecy teams were able to upload a virus that disabled the high bandwith communication arrays. After they had done their job, Secrecy teams were ordered to evacuate as soon as they disabled the slipspace drives via electronic viruses, though the Covenant had collected themselves back into order, leaving them a much more difficult foe, and leaving the task of disabling the drives extremely difficult, and the task of escaping alive impossible. After 20 painful minutes of ship to ship combat, the UNSC had destroyed 2 cruisers all 4 frigates and dozens of seraph's, and left 1 of the carriers and 1 of the cruisers heavilly damaged, the UNSC also had lost 1 Cruiser with another damaged, lost 3 frigates and 5 destroyers (Because of their lack of Longsword fighters, the Seraphs could directly attack the engines or the bridge most destroyers unless assisted) and had 1 Reaper battleship disabled by an energy projector, saved only by the extremely strong energy sheild that surrounded the superstructure, but it had lost most of its armor and had multiple piercings in its hull as the energy shield only preserved the superstructure that held everything together.

With the Covenant clearly losing the battle, they attempted to send boarding craft and dropships toward the planet's surface to kill as many humans as possible, but with New world's heavilly fortified defenses, all were killed in the process. As the Secrecy teams were beginning to be over run, their CO's called in S-MAC strikes on their own positions to make sure they didn't use the humans on board as hostages and attempt to squeeze information out of them. Destroying the cruisers in the process. Now, the carrier was the last of the Covenant forces, unable to call for reinforcements, unable to glass the planet or destroy all of the human forces fast enough, the shipmaster began to overload the reactor - to cause a gigantic explosion just as the Carrier was at the center of the human defense. As the reactor began to go critical, the ship forced itself into the Gravity well of New World, to crash into the planets surface and detonate, as CENTCOM caught on, all ships were ordered to distance themselves as much as possible from the carrier, knowing there was no longer anything they could do, the forces in orbit were forced to watch as millions died as the Carrier crashed straight into the densely populated city of New-Ottowa and detonated.

The UNSC had scored a proud and heroic victory, but no one outside Project Safehouse would even notice a difference because of their actions, but in this victory, it gave humanity a chance for a future even if their cradle world had been destroyed.