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Shiro-Gin Ichimaru Shiro Amadi was known for his unnerving grin
Shiro Amadi
Biographical information
Date of birth

September 19th, 2514

Physical description

Fleet Admiral





  • UNSC Brokered Dreams
  • UNSC Dragon of Crisis
  • UNSC Aeolia
Hair color

Greyish White

Eye color

Bright Sky Blue

Chronological and political information
"We must remain steadfast, we must fight our hardest. We cannot let them win this war at all costs. They come here to destroy what Humanity has desperately had built with blood and tears. It is the duty of the descendants to protect what our predecessors had. If we fail to do that, what gives us the right to ourselves Human? I ask you this. Will you fight with me? And drive these beasts away? Or will you stand and watch as they destroy everything we hold dear?"
―Shiro Amadi to his fleet, during the last stages of the Saulosian Campaign

Fleet Admiral Shiro Risa Amadi (born September 19th, 2514) was a decorated Human officer of the UNSC Navy during the Human-Covenant War. He is usually referred to as Fox Face by his closest friends. Even though Shiro was promoted to Rear Admiral, his close friends and comrades keep mistakenly calling him Captain, which he constantly has to remind them of his new status.


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Human-Covenant WarEdit

Post War OperationsEdit

The Saulosian CampaignEdit

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"Captain Fox Face!"
"I'm not too fond of sad stories"