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Siege of Alpha-Alpha-Golf


Planetary Siege


August 3rd, 2567




Interspecies Union Victory


Interspecies Union



Captain Jacob Forge


  • 1523 Sangheili Warriors
  • 6016 ODSTs
  • Hawk Team (Class III Spartan II)
  • Phoenix Team(Class III Spartan II)
  • 12000 Mixed Covenant troops; exact composition unknown
  • 183 Sangheili
  • 348 ODSTs



SpecOps RoleEdit

The two Spartan Teams, Hawk and Phoenix, along with Autel's team of SpecOps Sangheili. They were flown in to the IU HQ on the planet and were briefed on the situation. Overwhelming Covenant forces were firing non-stop, and many convoys carrying energy cells used in plasma weaponry. They were able to successfully destroy several of these convoys, allowing IU forces to push through the Covenant line from their highly defensible ridge and force the Covenant off the planet.

IU roleEdit

The Interspecies Union forces stationed themselves on a ridge with incredibly steep slopes and a lot of cover from rocks, caves, and trees. The Covenant had bombarded the area for days before SpecOps forces arrived to disrupt the flow of energy cells. Once this was done, incoming fire slowed drastically, and the allied forces were able to fire down on the Covenant forces, weaken their line, and break through.

Covenant Siege of the RidgeEdit

Although the Covenant commander is unknown, some of how he operated can be shown by his tactics. It is obvious he has never attempted to take a ridge before. The ridge on which the IU forces were stationed was in the center of a relatively flat area, and yet he did not attempt to surround the ridge. Second is that he didn't attempt to charge the ridge and overwhelm the IU forces with his far superior numbers.


With the help of planetary bombardment from the super carrier Advent, IU losses were minimal, and Covenant casualties were maximized. It is estimated that 500 POWs were captured.