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Siege of Northfield
CMA forces pursue the fleeing rebels.
Beginning:March 12th, 2494
End:March 13th, 2494
Place:Northfield, Westphal, Taradia
Outcome:Rebels forced to retreat



CPT John Obveehus


  • 12 police officers
  • T-4/Bravo (189 operators)

112 insurgents

  • 13 light support vehicles
  • 14 killed in action
  • 7 wounded
  • 67 killed in action
  • 45 wounded and/or captured
"Northfield really opened our eyes; nobody was safe from the Insurrection."

The Siege of Northfield (alternatively known as the Battle of Northfield) was a blown attempt by insurgent forces to attack and capture the small village of Northfield. Fortunately for the defenders, the town was relatively unscathed and the rebel contingency was decimated.


When the First Human Civil War, known at the time as the Insurrection, broke out in the 2480s, many believed that there was little rebel sympathy abound on Taradia; partly due to the colony's generally contagious, far-right political values, they were right for the time being to say the least. For the first fifteen odd years, any worthy conflict or, in other words, anything above petty crimes or small, unsuccessful gunfights involving one or two urban insurgents, was seemingly restricted to the inner colonies and a limited handful of the outer colonies.

It would soon become common knowledge, however, that no colony was immune to the war's psychological onslaught. Consequently, the Taradian defenses would encounter their first notable threat of the war through the Siege of Northfield, an attempted coup of the grasp the UNSC retained over the rural village of Northfield, a humble settlement within the largely undeveloped Westphal province.

Not long after dusk on a warm autumn day, an renegade band composed of approximately one hundred fully armed Insurrectionists and an accommodation of a dozen or more makeshift war vehicles approached the sleepy farm town with the intentions of capturing it or razing it. Before the Northfield's inhabitants were even aware of the approaching detail, though, a CMA-operated scanning satellite spotted the threat and notified friendly forces in the area. To the CMA and UNSC's dismay, they were only able to utilize the local constabulary for the time being.

Once the first shots were fired by the invaders, much of the city's five hundred denizens hid in the local shelter or fled altogether. Unfortunately for them, the police assets were quickly overwhelmed and tortured as a testament to the Insurrection's might; their parade would be thwarted as the Colonial Militant company T-4/Bravo arrived on-scene and promptly engage the outgunned rebels from their attack vehicles, forcing the latter into a failed rout. Of the one hundred twelve insurgents, sixty-seven were killed during the initial crossfire or the chase while the remainder was wounded and/or captured.