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  • Battle of 18 Scorpii
  • Battle of Psi Serpentis


Operation: TORPEDO

Siege of Outpost 16
Basevehicles standoff blueThe exterior of Outpost 16.


Human-Covenant War


October 19th, 2543


Outpost 16


Covenant Pyrrhic Victory




  • Several Hundred Sangheili
  • Approx. 28 ONI Agents
  • Outpost 16 Destroyed
  • Majority of Sangheili Forces
    • Shipmaster Zezl 'Yuhlee

The Siege of Outpost 16 was a Covenant Operation with the purpose to capture a UNSC Command Center belonging to the Office of Naval Intelligence known only as "Outpost 16." The Operation was led by Shipmaster Zezl 'Yuhlee. Although the Battle was Won by the Sangheili invaders, hundreds of Covenant Forces were killed in the fight, including Zezl. Along with the Covenant, many ONI Agents were killed.


October 16, 2543: 0500 Hours

Several Spirit Dropships arrive on site at Outpost 16, releasing a large amount of Covenant. Covenant begin assaulting the base. 3 ONI Agents are killed in the Firefight and the entire base is locked down.

0530 Hours

More Spirits arrive. The entire perimeter is covered by Covenant Invaders. Response Teams begin to arrive, include Spartan Team Quebec.

0610 Hours

Banshees intercept 3 incoming Pelican Dropships filled with UNSC Marines.

0640 Hours

The Covenant break inside the base through an poorly-defended emergency exit. Most of the ONI agents lock themselves inside an underground shelter. The rest are killed.

0710 Hours

A portion of Spartan Team Quebec arrives on site. Outpost 16 is overrun by Covenant Forces. Suppressive Fire is set on the base in an attempt to lure the Covenant outside.

0730 Hours

Quebec Team is forced further away from the base. Covenant forces inside are close to breaking into the Shelter.

0800 Hours

Quebec Team manages to get inside the base in stall the Covenant. Explosives are used to clear out the covenant in large numbers. Toby-329 leads the other Spartans further inside.

0842 Hours

Endless reinforcements arrive at Outpost 16. While most of the Covenant Forces inside are eliminated, Shipmaster Zezl 'Yuhlee leads a second force into the fight.

0931 Hours

The entire interior of Outpost 16 is secured by Quebec Team. Several Evac Teams arrive to save the trapped ONI Agents, as well as Quebec Team. 2 of the Pelicans are shot down, while the rest are prepped for flight. The ONI Personnel are cleared to leave the base through the emergency exit, with the Spartans covering their backs. Many of the Agents are killed, but the survivors make it to the Evac Pelicans. As Quebec Team prepares to board their Pelican, it is shot down. Quebec Team prepares a defensive position and waits for a second Pelican.

1013 Hours

Toby-329 kills Shipmaster Zezl 'Yuhlee

1018 Hours

Another Evac Pelican arrives. Quebec Team leaves the area. The Covenant win the battle, with a Pyrrhic outcome. Heavy losses are suffered, including Shipmaster Zezl 'Yuhlee.