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The Sigma series is a set of weapons manufactured and used by the Saulosians during the Saulosian Campaign.
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Two Saulosians with S series weapons

Weapons in the Series

S-7 Pistol: The Sigma-7 Pistol is a small handgun that shoots a crystalline projectile, not unlike those used in the Covenant Needler. The Sigma-7 is often the preferred sidearm of most Saulosian within the Saulosian Armed Forces.

S-9 Magnum: The Sigma-9 is a large pistol that somewhat resembles the M6D. It shoots a stream of ions that can tear through layers of titanium. The S-9 Magnum is the most powerful of the Saulosian handguns, and is often used during anti-vehicle operations. Sigma-9s are also expensive, so they aren't as commonplace as the cheaper S-7.

S-11 Carbine: The S-11 is a large carbine-like weapon that resembles a UNSC rifle, which is small compaired to the large stature of Saulosians. It is a powerful, mid-range weapon that can rip through enemies with ease. It employs a ion accelerator to create a small bolt made of charged ions, which causes a dull thunderclap in the superheated air around the plasma.

S-13 Rifle: The S-13 rifle is a very powerful weapon. Used in frontal assaults, the S-13 can desimate its opponents with a stream of ionized plasma. The rifle can tear through vehicles and infantry like a hot knife through butter, and has an energy cartridge that can deliver seventy four-second beams. The rifle is effective at long and medium ranges, with close rang reserved for carbines and handguns. The rifle is used by the millions on the battlefield.

S-15 APR: The S-15 Antimatter Pulse Rifle is more or less of a shotgun, as it sends out an expanding wave of charged positrons at enemies. The wave expands with range and can envelope and destroy a platoon of men given enough time. The APR has to be reloaded after every shot, due to the massive amount of energy expended in a pulse. The weapon is effective at close to mid ranges, and is extremely deadly.

S-17 Sniper: The S-17 is an effective long range sniper rifle, used against both infantry and vehicles. It shoots a single pulse of charged positrons that detonate into an antimatter explosion uppon impact. It is the most powerful weapon in the S series, and can deliver seven rounds before depleting an energy cartridge. It is widely used in defensive missions and assassinations. The weapon's antimatter "bullets" are invisible to the naked eye, and the sniper can stay in position for a long time before someone spots him or her.