Biographical information

Simon Turner

Spartan Tag



New Moscow II

Date of birth

July 9, 2550




6'6" w/out armor, 6'9" w/armor

Hair color

Dirt brown

Eye color



AI unit "Leah"

Affiliation and military information





Jack of all trades, especially proficient in stealth-and-assault tactics


Many minor engagements, Battle of Arcturus IV, other Delta Company battles




SPARTAN-III Delta Company

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"You kidding? A damned Spartan was with us?"
Corporal Brock after being told that SPARTAN-D318 was in the Battle of Arcturus IV

Simon-D318 was a Delta Company SPARTAN-III that was conscripted into Delta Company in the year 2556 at 6 years old.


Simon-D318 was born on 2550 in the Inner Colony planet New Moscow II. In the year 2551, New Moscow II was found by Covenant forces and subsequently glassed by the Covenant supercarrier Sublime Transcendence and a fleet of seven warships. Simon escaped from the planet safely in a light freighter that transitioned into Slipstream space.

A few hours later, they accelerated out of Slipspace and into the 060 Lambda Serpentii star system, to the orbiting space station the Loki.

At that time, however, Simon was only one year old and only had a mother to take care of him.

Five years later, in 2555, Simon had watched countless Sangheili and Jiralhanae tear apart humans, but his mother was still there, suffering from a very rare form of cancer. His mother died on July 8, 2556, a week before Simon's "kidnapping" and a day before Simon's birthday.

On July 17, 2556, Simon was sent to Reach II to practice for his Delta Company training. Simon and the other Delta Company SPARTAN-IIIs were, like all other SPARTAN-III candidates ordered to jump from a Pelican dropship. However, instead of most of the candidates making it, all except two candidates passed the first "test." The two "failed" candidates were given another chance, which they succeeded in.

Cliff-299, a SPARTAN-II Class-II trained the SPARTAN-III Deltas in extensive weapons training, martial arts combat, training with SPI and MJOLNIR armor alike, and let the special "smart" A.I. Lucy teach the Deltas about their predecessors, the SPARTAN-IIs and other SPARTAN-III companies and other core knowledge basic and advanced teachings.

In 2563, most of the Deltas graduated from training except for a select few, who were either crippled in the augmentation procedures, which only one was, or having to remain there from orders of top-ranking officers.

Later, during the year 2563, four major Insurrectionist uprising were promptly extinguished by the Deltas, and their legends and stories had extended even to the Prophet of Exclamation, the leader of the New Covenant, a group of nearly all the former races (except for 99% of the Sangheili) of the Old Covenant. The Prophet of Exclamation created a cunning plan to exterminate most, of not all of the Deltas.

Personality traits and battlefield traits

Although Simon was trained more specifically for team warfare, he was also very proficient at being a "lone wolf." He was sometimes pulled out by certain ONI officers to do their dirty work.

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