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Snake Platoon Logo
Snake Platoon
Unit Background

Stealth, CQB Assault and Urban Warfare


Charlie Company

Unit Motto

The Fatal Bite In The Shadows

Unit size

Three squads (13 Spartans per squad)

Current Commander

Leo Parker

Subordinate Units
  • Viper Squad
  • Python Squad
  • Anaconda Squad
Current Status



Commanding Officer: First Lieutenant Leo Parker
Executive Officer: Gunnery Sergeant Alex Walker

Snake platoon is a SPARTAN IV Unit in Charlie Company. It is made up of two squads and one specialist squad. The unit dual specialises in stealth and Close Quaters Combat. Furthermore, the unit specialises in different areas of stealth CQB. Mainly urban combat and assault but there are other special teams too. Snake Platoon are commanded by Leo Parker, one of the best CQB specialists in the UNSC. Because of this he, and his remaining former team, were awaken from cryo-sleep to command this platoon.

Squad Viper

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Squad Python

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    • Fire Team Dalet
      • SPARTAN-C193
      • SPARTAN-C056
      • SPARTAN-C191
      • SPARTAN-C112
    • Assault Team He
      • SPARTAN-C033
      • SPARTAN-C165
      • SPARTAN-C089
      • SPARTAN-C147
    • Assault Team Waw
      • SPARTAN-C091
      • SPARTAN-C122
      • SPARTAN-C077
      • SPARTAN-C134

Squad Anaconda

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