Snow Cold Assault Trooper
Unit Background

Snow Assault/Recon/Defnse

Unit Motto

Gelu est nostrum domus. Translation: The cold is our home.

Unit size

Several Hundred Thousand Troops

Current Commander

General Jermiah Taylor

Current Status



The Snow Cold Assault Troopers, or SCATs as they were commenly called, were a special forces unit in the UNSC designed for cold weather fighting.



A SCAT during trainig

Snow Cold Assault Troopers trained at the poles of Reach, where conditions were subzero, and death by freezing was common for unprepared souls. The SCATs endured harsh climates and rigorous training, hardening them for the cold weather combat they would have to endure in the field.

Deployment and Equipment

The SCATs were deployed like marines, and were specialists in all sorts of cold weather tactics. They used modified Pelican dropships for transport, and were proficient with the M850 B Snow Warthog and the M864 Warthog Difficult Terrain Vehicle. They generally used weapons of lighter proportions, and wore lightweight insulated body armor that was all white. The SCATs were often deployed with snow camoflauged MA5B or BR55X rifles, and were also very proficient in using M7 SMGs. The armor of SCATs was a hardened and insulated version of standard marine ballistic armor, but also was lighter weight in order to ensure mobility in the field. In late 2552, the SCATs also made use of BR55AT WW Battle Rifles, a arctic variant of the standard BR55HB SR.

Service to the UNSC in battle

The deployment of SCATs was usually severely limited. They were only taken on ships that knew that their destination would be planets of freezing climates, and the rarity of snow battles in the Human Covenant war made them also a rarity. However, SCATs were notably deployed at Reach to defend the poles and their training grounds, during the Coldsnap campaign to supplement the Mythos Mobile Artillery, and most recently, at the Artic IV Conflict.

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