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SN symbol
Socialist Nation
Political information
Type of government

Social market economy

Founding document

Charter of the Socialist Nation

Head of Government

Democratically elected representatives

Societal information

Reybaud, planet Bounteous

Official language




State religious body

No offial state religion

National holiday

April 14th- "Founding Day"


For The Good

Historical information
Date of establishment


Date of fragmentation


Date of reorganization

2628 (then known as the Coalition of Socialist Governments)


The Socialist Nation was a human goverment on the planet Bounteous. Invaded by the Confederacy of Systems in February 2618, the Socialist Nation trigger began the Fifty-Years' War when the UNSC came to defend its ally from the Confederates.



Bounteous, the capital of the Socialist Nation.

In the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War, a group of dissidents left the Unified Earth Government and formed a new government on the former UNSC colony of Bounteous. Abandoned before the Covenant could find and glass it, the colony was still livable and rich with natural resources. Along with some hard-liner Communists from Earth and others, they wrote a constitution, called the Charter of the Socialist Nation, and the SN was born.

Soon, word of the small Human republic spread to former Covenant soldiers looking for stability. A large number of Sangheili, displaced after the Human-Covenant War, came to the government and offered to work as soldiers. Congress, who was understandably excited to have battle-hardened soldiers to train and fight with their relatively unskilled militiamen. Thus, the People's Army was formed. In accordance with its charter, which promised everyone a place based on their merits, most of the original officers of the People's Army were Sangheili.

Soon after the People's Army was formed, the UEG stepped forward to open diplomatic relations with the Socialist Nation. In the treaty agreemnets they signed, the UNSC promised to help the SN in event of an invasion, as long as the SN provided the UEG with a supply of Bounteous' abundant natural resources.

For the next twenty-odd years, the Socialist Nation prospered. The People's Army was well-trained and had aided the UNSC in putting down a few small insurrections, demonstrating their mettle and professionalism. One Marine recalled, "I figured the PA guys wouldn't know a rifle from a broomstick, but I was wrong there. They saved my butt more the a couple times."

However, the Socialist Nation's prosperity was short-lived. Eager to get his hands on the resources of Bounteous, President Benjamin Davis of the Confederacy invaded, triggering the Fifty-Years' War. The People's Army and their UNSC allies managed to fight off the Confederates in about a year, but the Socialist Nation was ruined. Their factories destroyed and economy crumbling, Congress became a stepping-stone for those who wanted to seize power during the difficult time. The UNSC finally had to step in and dissolved the government in 2621, keeping the sytem under military rule until the planet was reorganized under the Coalition of Socialist Governments in 2628.