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"We are not the perfect species you had preached us to be, brothers. Blindly had we followed the orders of the San'Shyuum, slowly moving toward our deaths. All the humans had done was to defend their right to live. Can you not see honour in that? For the entire Age of Reclamation, we had unjustly slaughtered them, burned the planets they had worked so hard to create, punished them for crimes they had not committed. We have realized this, and many of us are reluctant to admit our wrongs. But if you continue to deceive yourself like this, crawl in these ashes you believe to be so holy, then you will bring about your own deaths, and you will be gone from this world without the honour you sought."
―Sona 'Demal to the Path Walkers

Sona 'Demal
Sona night
Biographical Information

Line name



Jeran 'Demal



Date of birth

23rd Age of Doubt/2523

Physical Description



Political and Military Information


20px-AAO_shipmaster.png Ship Master


Covenant Empire (2544—2552)
Covenant Separatists (2552—2553)
Interspecies Union (2555—present)




Fleet of Retribution



Sona 'Demal is the older cousin of Fira 'Demal, and is a character in the story Vadam Legacies: The Rift.

Sona is known to be a formidable warrior in combat, but is less aggressive than Fira, and does not kill in battle out of sheer pleasure. He did harbour feelings of rage when The Fallen kidnapped hundreds of Sangheili newborns.


Second Battle of Earth

Sona was working at High Charity in orbit around Installation 05, when his cousin Fira, who had been missing, entered the city and registered as a soldier. Sona was one of the Sangheili called to Earth to aid the continuing battle there, prior to the Covenant civil war. It was assumed he joined up with the UNSC and survived the war.


The Fallen

When Fira was severely injured by Isto 'Vadum during a search for the Fallen, Sona had brought him to safety at their keep's medical centre. He also hunted down Fallen, and helped prove the Spartans were not affiliated with helping the Fallen, after they were accused of being so. Sona helped in the assault on Isto's corvette, and found the Sangheili newborns, and returned to Earth with them.


In 2568 Sona was given the rank of Ship Master and was placed in command of the Sangheili frigate Incumbent Wrath.


In 2577 Sona was promoted to Fleet Master to lead massive Sangheili forces against the Covenant after the second war began that same year.


 Rank   Dates 
AAO minordomo
Minor Domo 2541—2545
AAO majordomo
Major Domo 2545—2551
AAO ultra
Ultra 2551—2559
AAO zealotminor
Zealot Minor 2559—2562
AAO fieldmaster
Field Master 2562—2568
AAO shipmaster
Ship Master 2568—2577
AAO fleetmaster
Fleet Master 2577—2596