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Southern Cross-class large fleet carrier
Production information

Large fleet assault carrier (CVAF)

  • Heavy assault
  • Planetary defense
Technical specifications
  • Primary thrusters (4)
  • Reserve thrusters (2)
  • Maneuvering thrusters (12)
Slipspace drive

M68, later M70 Slipspace engine

Armor & Shielding
DIVINE Nuclear Missiles (6)
MADMAN Nuclear Missiles (4)

2,926.7 meters (9602.04 feet)

Chronological and affiliation
First use



UNSCflag United Nations Space Command

"One Super MAC and three Baby MACs. That's the kind of firepower that defines the word "backbone.""

The Southern Cross-class large fleet assault carrier (known more commonly as a fleet carrier and somewhat incorrectly as a supercarrier) was a massive capital-grade warship of the United Nations Space Command Navy. The Southern Cross-class was, at the time of its debut and for years to come, unarguably the most powerful Human-built warship in existence.

Ships of the class would not be truly tested until JAFCOM's intervention of the Second Great War in the early 2590s . Throughout the war, Southern Cross-class vessels led ODI offensive campaigns comprising as many as two hundred vessels. Due to a limited quantity and demand, though, only forty of these gargantuan carriers were put into service over a thirty five year span (as opposed to the Reach-class battleships, of which as many as two hundred vessels were commissioned).

Space-faring vessels of the UNSC Navy
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Auxiliary vessels


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