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SpecWar Team PUMA
Unit Background
  • Special Warfare Team
  • Experimental Technology Testing Unit
Unit size

10 VOLSUNG Operators

Current Commander

Caleb Harrison

Current Status

KIA, 2589


"All ONI thinks of us as is pawns in their games! We're just tools, means to an end! Well I won't stand for it! If you knew what I knew, knew how many innocent lives they'd claimed in the name of peace, how much pain they'd caused seeking their own goals and glory, you'd choose the same path as I. They claim to protect us, but they lead us as a murderer leads a blind man. This is where that ends. I'll see their own tools used against them, and I'll set right the injustices they gave to the innocent. Hear me swear it: every member of ONI that I has wronged me or any other will pay for this, and they will come to rue the day I was recruited!"
Staff Sergeant Caleb Harrison, UNSC Army

Simultaneously one of ONI's most mysterious and yet well known teams, SpecWar Team PUMA was a team in Assault Group Gimel of Project VOLSUNG that was requisitioned by Codename: DRACULA for the purpose of testing several powered armor systems in unique combat situations.



SpecWar Team PUMA
Image Name Rank Image Rank Role Personality
Lee Pullman Caleb Harrison
Staff Sergeant Commanding Officer Calm, cool, and collective, Caleb Harrison was the leader of Team PUMA, commanding his team with an air more akin to a detached monarch than an on-field commanding officer. Capable of executing plans with extreme ease, Caleb is not one to talk or explain, keeping his ideas and methods to himself; secretly, Caleb was deeply moved emotionally, easily scarred by what he saw but able to hide it. These deep routed feelings and ideals would serve as the reason for he and the rest of PUMA's defection, with external causes being merely a catalyst for Caleb.
Story Ethan Walters
Sergeant Executive Officer,
Heavy Weapons Specialist
Second-in-command and heavy weapons specialist, Ethan
Ellen-and-Katana Rebecca Cragin
Sergeant Tactician,
Cyberwarfare Specialist
YUI Ruth Davis
Corporal Medic
Jessica Summers
Specialist Sniper,
Infiltration Specialist
Menzies Nathan Black
Specialist Rifleman,
Unmasked John Davis
Private First Class EOD Specialist
Rachel Davis
Private First Class CQB Specialist
Jamison Carlie Walters
Private First Class Engineer
Merkel Challen Della
Private First Class Reconnaissance
Special Proficiency, Assault, Recon and Tactical Augmented
117th Regiment, 4th Battalion, Kilo Company





  • Initially, all of the characters were directly based upon people that the author knew in real life, just like Team Alpha's iterations, the original versions of Dragon Squadron (first and second iterations), and the original concept of the Lance of Unrelenting Reparation. Even though the first name's and last initial's of these characters remain the same, the personalities of said characters have shifted drastically, partially in a show of maturity from the author, and partially to reflect real-life events.
  • The most prominent example of character development is Caleb Harrison: initially, Caleb was conceived as a prideful, vainglorious soldier who died without shame at his horrid cause, but this later shifted into a tragic character who doomed himself by trying to do the right thing, reflecting the tragedy that befell Caleb's real-life namesake.