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Special Operatives for Assassination and Reconaissance





Special Recon and High Profile Target Elimination Unit


High Profile target Elimination/Reconaissance/Sabotage


40 Assorted SOAR Sangheili, 1 SPARTAN-II


40 Units




SPARTAN-144, Tyke Orbudee


The Special Operatives for Assassination and Reconaissance, otherwise known as SOARs, were a UNSC-Sangheili joint unit created for battles against the Remnant.

Development and Training

The idea for the SOARs was first conceived in late 2576, after several prominent Sangheili commanders witnessed SPARTAN-144, who was codenamed as "Egor" during a mission, eliminate several enemy minor prophets and pave the way for a large task force of joint Sangheili-UNSC forces. The USR asked ONI Section III if they could loan "Egor" to them to help train a new Sangheili special operations unit. Section III grudgingly accepted, and as a part of Operation: HIRED GUN, SPARTAN-144 began training the new unit.

The SOARs were screened from the best of the best of the Sangheili military, and were trained by 144 with an intensity that was unheard of, even in the most elite Sangeheili units. The SOARs were modelled after the combat philosphies of SPARTAN-144, and most of their weaponry, equipment, tactics, and training were based of the SPARTAN. Training lasted from 2577 to 2585, an eight year span. After completing training, the SOARs were among the most elite, if not the most elite units in the Sangheili military.


The SOARs were first deployed in 2585, immediatly after training. The SOARs were put under command of SPARTAN-144, and were used much as the SPARTAN had been during his earlier years. However, they were soon left by 144, who was shifted by ONI Section III to fight the new Covenant Rebels. After this, Tyke Orbudee, another SOAR, was put in charge of the unit. The SOARs served the Sangheili military for some time afterwards, before eventually being deactivated and abosrbed into other USR units, such as Commandos, Spec Ops, Assassins.


SOAR units, in standard usage, used a combination of plasma rifles, energy swords, and Covenant Carbines. Because of their more difficult missions, these weapons were sometimes highly customized by individual soldiers. In addition, SOAR designated marksmen and sharpshooters made use of the Beam Rifle.


For armor, all of the SOARs, save their leader SPARTAN-144 (who was not even technically a SOAR) wore modified combat harnesses. It looked similar to earlier harness modifications, but was not a part of any of them, rather it's own seperate set. The armor was painted jet black for a lower light signature, and was equipped with shield systems and active camoflauge projectors.


The role of the SOARs in battle was often as a force to take out high profile enemy leaders and perform reconaissance missions, as their name suggests. They were frequently sent ahead of larger forces to disrupt enemy leadership and obtain valuable recon data, which was then sent back to the larger forces.