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Special Warfare Group Seven was the first SPARTAN special forces group to be trained and deployed to the battlefield, becoming one of the longest lived SPARTAN special forces groups in existence, before its eventual adoption into SWG 13. The group was a long lived force, with a very malleable order of battle and roster, with new teams joining, changing and being reassigned.


Headquarters Team

Blue Team

  • John-117
  • Kelly-087
  • Sam-034

Red Team

  • Fred-104
  • Joshua-029
  • Isaac-039

Green Team

  • Kurt-051
  • Linda-057
  • William-043

Scarlet Team

  • Jerome-092
  • Alice-130
  • Douglas-042

Crimson Team

  • Ajax-013
  • Elise-070
  • Mike-028

Black Team

  • Black-One
  • Black-Two
  • Black-Three
  • Victor-101

Gray Team

  • Jai-006
  • Adrianna-111
  • Mike-055

Purple Team

  • Melanie-038
  • James
  • Vinh-030

Silver Team

  • Randall
  • Daisy-023
  • Keeichi-047

Gold Team

  • Sheila
  • Li-008
  • Grace-093

Yellow Team

  • Cassandra-075
  • Anton-044
  • Malcom-059


  • Jorge-052
  • Cal-141

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