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Squad Anaconda Logo
Squad Anaconda
Unit Background

Stealth, CQB Support


Snake Platoon

Unit Motto

The Fatal Bite With A Special Sting

Unit size
  • Four teams (2 Spartans per team)
  • One team (4 Spartans)
Current Commander


Subordinate Units
  • Combat Engineer Team Heth
  • Combat Engineer Team Yodh
  • Weapons Team Kap
  • Sniper Team Lamedh
  • Recon Team Mem
Current Status



Squad Anaconda (Snake Platoon, Charlie Company, First Battalion of the SPARTAN-IV Programme) consisted of five specialst teams called Heth, Yodh, Kap, Lamedh and Mem, which were all named after cities on the planet Kanna.

This squad is the specialist squad for Snake Platoon. It features four different specialist squads, which vairy but all contain elements of CQB and Urban Warfare tactics. There are two EOD units, which are mostly deployed, with a weapons team, alongside Python Squad so they can seach for mines and call in air strikes/support if the opposing force is too far away. They can also be deployed to create a long range assault, again with a weapons team, or demolitional protection while the assault or fire teams inflitrate close quarter areas.

The Sniper Team almost always assist the Fire Teams in Urban Warfare and often support the Recon teams too, when there is a larger scale operation. Finally the Recon Team is deployed mostly with the Urban Squads for scouting complex buildings or areas but can also aid Assault Squads. The also group up with Combat Engineer Teams to scout out for mines or enemy routes. Overall the team work used by Anaconda is phenominal and executes the missions of Snake Platoon with flawless actions alongside the other baseline squads.

Commanding Officer


Combat Engineer Team Heth



Combat Engineer Team Yodh



Weapons Team Kap



Sniper Team Lamedh



Recon Team Mem





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