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Stabilized Like Few
Stabilized Like Few
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"Trust no one"
―Stabilized Like Few, via translation

Stabilized Like Few, often referred to simply as Few, was a Huragok, and a member of the second Lance of Unrelenting Reparation.


Human-Covenant War

Little of Stabilized Like Few's history is known, due to the fact that communication between the Huragok and other species is very difficult. It is known that he was so named due to the fact that he was much more stable and fluid with his movements than most other Huragok were, and that he was present at the Battles of Harvest, Jericho VII, Reach and Earth.

During the Second Battle of Earth, Jiralhanae captured Stabilized Like Few and armed with the now-customary Huragok armor and forced to begin the search for Lighter Than All and, by extension, the Ark Portal. The Huragok murders caused by the Jiralhanae were horrifying to Stabilized Like Few, and though he wanted to escape he couldn't as such would serve him the same fate as his brothers: nearly killed by his Jiralhanae taskmasters, he was saved by Ameigh Broley. However, ever since those events, even with the peace treaty and the end of the war, he never fully trusted anyone again, especially Jiralhanae, nor did he become very friendly with anyone. The major exception to this was Ameigh Broley, who managed to gain the Huragok's trust when she saved his life, and he has been a constant companion since.

Necros War



"Well done is better than well said"
―Stabilized Like Few


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