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The Stoic Courier is a Covenant military city, specifically designed for training Sangheili recruits whom had completed their studies at the Academy. It was run by Field Master Bata 'Noromee. Autel 'Vadam and Fira 'Demal trained at the Stoic Courier for four years in Vadam Legacies: The Darkest Hour. It is said to be smaller than High Charity. In September 2552, Jiralhanae Chieftain Tartarus arrived at Stoic Courier with a platoon of Jiralhanae and had assassinated many Sangheili recruits before Autel had learned of their intents. Few had escaped after the assault, even 'Noromee was found dead later by Fira, and most Sangheili were imprisoned or killed. The Stoic Courier was destroyed when Fira overloaded its reactors with three UNSC nuclear mines.


Stoic Courier (top right), hovering a distance from Sanghelios.

Known locations

  • Main facility
    • Control Centre
      • Antechamber
    • Atrium
  • Dormitories
    • Dormitory 774
      • Dormitory 774-A
      • Dormitory 774-B
      • Dormitory 774-C
      • Dormitory 774-D
      • Dormitory 774-E
      • Dormitory 774-F
    • Dormitory 775
      • Dormitory 775-A
      • Dormitory 775-B
      • Dormitory 775-C
      • Dormitory 775-D
      • Dormitory 775-E
      • Dormitory 775-F
    • Dormitory 776
      • Dormitory 776-A
      • Dormitory 776-B
      • Dormitory 776-C
      • Dormitory 776-D
      • Dormitory 776-E
      • Dormitory 776-F
  • Training facilities
  • Hangar bays
  • Stadium
  • Infirmary
  • Weapon facility
  • Contraband storage
  • Reactors

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