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Storm-class Light Carrier
Production information

Light Carrier



Technical specifications


  • 12 Plasma Cannons
  • 18 Pulse Lasers
  • Point defence plasma cannons

Necros War




The Storm-class Light Carrier is a class of USR ship.


The Storm-class Light Carrier is the smallest of the USR's carriers, carrying mostly light and reconnaissance craft. It provides forward aerial control and reconnaissance. The Storm-class is lightly armoured, and lightly armed, being exceedingly fast and agile instead. Its fighter complement consists of larger numbers of light and medium fighters, as well as reconnaissance and support craft. It has a medium sized troop complement, with dropships and room for numerous light armoured units, but lacks a gravity lift, preventing direct deployment.

The Storm is most often seen guarded by a number of Corvettes, and deploying at the flanks of fleets to guard these vulnerable positions and gather intelligence, or deploy on medium distance patrols, or rapid reaction missions.

UNSC Remarks

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