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Apc Vorenus
Production information

Light Infantry Support Vehicle

Technical specifications

78.3 tons

Engine Power

V-16 Engine producing 2000 horsepower


Heavy duty Ceramic armour supported by kinetic energy absorbing laminates and heat absorbing defensive layers

  • 72mm Cannon (1)
  • Co-axial 15mm autocannon
  • .30 HMG turret (2)
  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Secondary Gunner (2)


  • Anti Vehicle Platform
  • Anti infantry platform
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • Armoured Personel Carrier

Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Super Heavy Armoured Personel Carrier-IX Raider is a Vorenus Imperium Super Heavy APC.


The Raider is built on the same chassis as the Self Propelled Anti Capital Ship Missile Artillery-II Thunderer, with it's characteristic eight wheels. The Raider is also powered by the same 16 cylinder engine as the Thunderer. The striking difference from the Thunderer is that instead of a truck bed holding a large anti-capital ship missile, the Raider has a large armored cabin capable of holding sixteen men. At the sides of the vehicle, there are .30 caliber machine guns mounted in gunports that can be operated by the passengers in case of infantry attack. However, the vehicle's primary armament consists of a 72mm cannon and a co-axial 15mm autocannon in a remotely operated turret. The 72mm main gun can take out any vehicle up to the size of a Necros Eviscerator light tank, while the 15mm is used primarily as an anti-personnel weapon


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