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Vorenus Tank 1
Super Heavy Tank-I Juggernaught
Production information



Super Heavy Tank

Technical specifications
  • 2x 120mm cannon
  • 2x 15mm autocannon in side sponsons
  • 1x .50 caliber machine gun in bow
  • 1 driver
  • 2 gunners
  • 3 secondary gunners

Tiger (UNSC), Scarab (USR), Gravedigger (Necros)


Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Super Heavy Tank-I Juggernaught is one of two super-heavy tanks used by the Vorenus Imperium. The other is the Dreadnaught.


The Juggernaught super heavy tank has a large, box-like, hull mounted on a set of tracks, as do most Vorenus vehicles. The Juggernaught's turret carries two 120mm cannons. These twin guns allow the vehicle to destroy Compound Tanks and other formidable Necros vehicles with relative ease. These gun are even capable of penetrating the frontal armor of Ultra-Heavy Assault Platforms such as the Remnant Scarab and Necros Gravedigger. The vehicle also carries two 15mm autocannons in side-mounted sponsons and a .50 caliber machine gun in the bow to provide a formidable obstacle for attacking infantry. In addition to the heavy armament, the tank's armor is extremely thick, being known to survive plasma streams from Remnant Scarabs. As powerful as the Juggernaught is, it is not without it's weaknesses. The vehicle is extremey vulnerable to air attack due to it's extremely slow speed and lack of any anti-aircraft armament. The anti-infantry defenses of the Juggernaught also have blind spot to the rear of the tank.

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