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Supreme Prophet of Accord
Biographical information

High Charity

Physical description
  • High Prophet
  • Supreme Prophet




Chronological and political information
  • Pre-Tyranny of Accord era
  • Tyranny of Accord era
Notable Events

Only High Prophet to have ever broken the Rule of Three


The Supreme Prophet of Accord, born Nori Tsif[1] and formerly known as the High Prophet of Accord, was the tyrant monarch of the Covenant Empire for almost two whole centuries.


Early Life

Joining the Covenant political system at the age of 30, Accord rose to the rank of Prophet Councilor fairly quickly, making his way into the Council in just five years. After ten years in the Council, Accord then managed to ascend to the position of High Prophet due to the “untimely” assassination of the High Prophet of Justice.

In truth, Justice had been purposefully assassinated by several Kig-Yar that Accord had paid for the job. The official inquiry blamed the assassination on radical Kig-Yar intent on anarchy, and nothing further was ever looked into. For 25 more years, Accord plotted and waited, setting up alliances, events and evidence that allowed his ascension to be easier. Then at last, Accord struck. With public opinion against Bounty and Chivalry because of “leaked” evidence against them, Accord used his military and political alliances to call for the immediate execution of the two Hierarchs: the plan was approved by the High Council, and Accord set it in motion, soon enough executing the two High Prophets. Accord seized total power, and promised that, as per the Rule of Three stated within the Writ of Union, two more Hierarchs would be elected shortly.

The Tyranny of Accord

Shortly never came. Accord slowly took complete control of the government and military, culminating in the execution of over 50 members of the higher Councils upon charges of corruption, which was quickly followed by his ascension to the new rank of Supreme Prophet of the Covenant Empire. In truth, only 15 of the executed councilors had begun to complain about Accord’s blatant procrastination at electing new Hierarchs, while the other 35 were completely innocent of any crimes; Accord had ordered their execution to set an example to all would-be dissidents.

With this new power, Accord quickly abolished the High Council completely, and elected a blood-thirsty Sangheili named Cu'Thro 'Tristinee as his personal Arbiter. When several Supreme Commanders and an Imperial Admiral rebelled against Accord’s political moves towards a dictatorship, Cu'Thro struck quickly, using loyal special operation forces to completely destroy the dissident fleets. Over the next 200 years, Accord ruled with an iron fist, executing all political and military opposition: at the very hint of dissension, families were killed, armies executed, and planets glassed. In addition, his Arbiter carried out many more terrible deeds: the half-extinction of the Unggoy race after the 14th Unggoy Disobedience, the complete destruction of all life in the Styx System, and the genocidal campaign against the young Sharquoi race (which reduced the once mighty Sharquoi back to tribal age).


And yet, despite all this, in the last fifty years of Accord’s reign, a force of opposition did manage to slowly arise: the underground movement known as the Sangheili Returnists. The Returnists were highly secretive, and mostly over the last 30 years – while led by the Triumvirate of Jtas 'Vadumee, Remel 'Vadamee, and Hma 'Rojasee – they managed to gain enough supporters that they launched a coup to counter Accord: a small Covenant army composed of Sangheili, Unggoy, Kig-Yar and Lekgolo marched on Accord’s sanctum on High Charity, and waged war against practically brainwashed Honor Guards. The Sangheili Triumvirate managed to break through the resistance and reached Accord’s chambers with a lance of Sangheili, only to meet with a lance of Honor Guard Commanders led by Arbiter Cu'Thro 'Tristinee. A battle commenced between the two forces, and Hma and Jtas were killed, but Remel managed to kill 'Tristinee and ran after the fleeing Accord.

When at last Remel caught Accord, he had entered the great Forerunner Key-class Dreadnought known as the Ascension, intending to activate it, fly it away and leave High Charity without power, and thus without its’ artificial atmosphere. Taking a gamble, Remel quickly shot several bolts from his Plasma Rifle and disabled it, then ran forward, kicked Accord from his throne and, picking him up by the throat, knocked off his crown and said "so always the tyrants": as soon as this was said, Remel beheaded Accord, ending his tyranny forever.


Accord’s personality is noted as being very aloof and demeaning. He was a marvelous strategist, and possessed great patience. In his last years however, Accord became increasingly paranoid, to the point of regularly changing out his Honor Guards.

Accord originally used the regular red robe, crest and Gravity Throne of the Prophets, but upon his ascension and the execution of Bounty and Chivalry, Accord confiscated both Prophet’s assets and began to use Bounty’s ornate crest and Chivalry’s highly modified Gravity Throne.


  • Accord's name follows the Prophet's ironic naming system: he would not let anyone that thought differently than him to live in peaceful accord with him


  1. Nori Tsif is Iron Fist spelled backwards; it seemed appropriate
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