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Young Surakain prowler officer, 2555
Profile of a young Surakain prowler officer, 2555.
Heritage and background
Trinomal name

Homo sapiens venatori
("Wise predators", 97,448 B.C.)

Genetic commonality
  • c. 225,000 B.C. (Human)
  • c. 182,000 B.C. (Surak)

Earth, Sol system

Advancement tier

Cat2 Influenced - Interstellar

  • Former Cat1 Natural/Influenced status
Physical description
Average height

1.90 meters

Skin color

Pale to dark brown. Various other colors for cross-species hybrids.


Bipedal mammalian primates with varied ethnic origins and subspecies characteristics. Adopted to subspecies' homeworld with enhanced sensory abilities. Appearance altered for intimidation and maneuverability.

Average lifespan

135 standard Earth years. Chronological age may accelerate through cryostasis.


English (standard), Latin, among many others.

Similar species

Humans, Cillians, and many other subspecies.

Chronological and Political Information

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