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First rim


Sector Five


Omega Dragaius System




153 considerable orbiting bodies


84,216.4 ± .1 km (equatorial)

  • Oxygen
  • Helium
  • Various other gases
Immigrated species



2553: 2,000-7,000

  • Orbital pop.: 122 million +
Major cities

None; various orbital depots and stations


UNSCflag United Nations Space Command


"Believe you me: the fabrication and aesthetic authentication of a gaseous  [COLONY] is much more arduous than you might at first assume."
―Anonymous Jihye Builder

Svetovnih, known to the Jihye as Drugo'ime, is an ultra massive gas giant located in the Outer Colonial region. It is widely known for its immense bounty of 153 moons, a quantity that stands higher than any other world in the Human sphere.


Throughout the ages, Svetonvnih has been subject to a fair number of aliases.

Background & OriginsEdit

Svetovnih is notably one of the Ecumene's earliest mega-scale celestial projects. In 2556—2558, an extensive study by UNSC-sponsored researches not only discovered this oddity among the naturally occurring, but they also learned that the entire planetary system was created and/or constituted by the Forerunners. An investigative follow-up by a number of other groups learned that, while the gas giant was technically artificial in nature, it's composition was almost entirely organic; there was very little apparently unnatural material-based infrastructure to be found, bar a number of tunnel systems and complexes.

As the planet was colonized in 2460 by colonist-occupants of the UNSC Gilded Astrolabe, the Svetovnih Conglomerate (the unofficial term used to refer to Svetovnih and its inhabited moons) grew and advanced at a painstakingly slow pace during the early decades of its existence. This was due in part to its relative isolation from other United Nations Space Command colony worlds. The nearest world, Herskall, was nearly thirty lightyears away. Consequently, even with a signal amount of resources in the local regions, the UNSC was unable to draw its focus from invading Covenant fleets deeper into home territory.

Following the First Great War, a spike in "reasoned progressivism" laid the framework for a economical golden age. As a result, Svetovnih and its moons boasted not only the greatest Gross Decimal Product of any Sector Five world, but the Conglomerate also maintained one of the largest colonial military forces in all the Human sphere by the turn of the 2560s.

Major SatellitesEdit

Despite the fact that more than one hundred fifty moons orbit Svetovnih, only a handful have been colonized and terraformed for one reason or another.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Translated, svetovnih means "world" in the Slovenian language.
  • The Forerunner name for Svetovnih, Drugo'ime, is derived from drugo ime, which roughly means "alias" in Slovenian.

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