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T246 001

The Type-246 Multiuse Directed Energy Carbine/Heavy/Improved (T246 MDEC/H/I), more commonly known as a Demon Shaker, is a plasma-based Directed Energy Weapon used by the Covenant Empire, specifically the Jiralhanae, during the Battle of Yggdrasil in October 2552.

Design Details

The T246 MDEC/H/I has two separate firing modes, the first fires super heated metallic spikes(much like the T25 C), and the second fires an explosive bolt of superheated plasma(similar, but not exactly like the T50 DER/H).

It is a widely accepted theory that the T246 MDEC/H/I is not even a standard or restricted weapon, and is more likely to be a Brute pet project. Due to it's tendency to overheat and at times "dramatically combust". This may also be due, in part, to the "thrown together" look it has.

Very few of these weapons were ever found and their general appearances varied slightly from each "model". Though, they've all basically been described as looking like an elongated Spiker firing apparatus crudely attached to a bare-bones concussion rifle.